An Interview!

One of my closest friends, Maya, is a blogger, though I've known her for WAY longer than blogs... We met when our kids were wee ones, Maya can even tell you what my girl was wearing that first day! Our creative mediums are different, but the day to day conundrums we face, from designing to contracts to our computers and sewing machines to photography and styling are the same... it's great to have a buddy right down the road that knows exactly what I am talking about, sometimes even before I say it. Maya graciously offered to interview me on her blog, which feels like cheating, cause really she already knows everything about me... but you don't, so here you go!

Btw, I will be at Grassroots Fest this weekend, I'm the craft coordinator, so I'll be super busy keeping all my crafty crafters happy and trying to not spend all my money on their beautiful wares (and wears). I'm really looking forward to dancing to Toots and the Maytals, Oumou Sangare, Bela Fleck, The Horseflies and more! I also get to celebrate Maya's B-Day with her, the girl get's a insta-party with 4 stages, and 40 bands for her 40th!!!! woohoo! (and there might be cake...)


  1. Congrats! I read the interview and it is awesome. I now know, for instance, that you were/are a deadhead. ;)

  2. Read your very nice interview with Maya! Hopefully we will run into you guys at Grassroots this weekend....our first time going.