All our Bags are Packed...

We're off on a three week family road trip in our VW van to Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. To say that we are excited is an understatement!  Last night my girl and I made these granola bars in preparation.  They are sooooo good I rallied for leaving early so we could tuck into them right away!

I sent out a plea for audiobook ideas on Twitter, and got LOTS of good ideas. So, the I-Pod is loaded,  my yarn is wound, the GPS is programmed and we're off...  I don't think I'll post with pics until I get back but will keep in touch via Twitter, join me if you like!

Seriously hoping there is green on the trees when we get back... it's been a bit dismal here as of late!


  1. HAve a wonderful time!!! We'll miss you :)

  2. I lived in Arizona and the surrounding Southwest for eight years. If you need any help or suggestions about where to go, shoot me an e-mail! Safe travels - I'm jealous! <3

  3. Have a great trip! Hope you come back with terrific inspiration from the textures and scenery of the great American southwest.