This Summer deserves a KAL!


I am welcoming summer with open arms.... the heat, bugs, flowers, produce, fruit, slow pace and swimming have arrived.  The last day of school for my girl is tomorrow and I am looking forward to taking her to our local water holes while she frolics and I knit!  (A girl can dream, right?)

Things have never been busier for me on the knitting front, one secret project is done and off, the other one is on the needles and whipping right along.  Perhaps before long I can knit something just for me... wouldn't that be a treat!

I am so thrilled with the response to Stephanie's blog post about Eventide last week.  I have NEVER sold so many patterns in one day... I almost started thinking I could retire!  Thanks to you all!  I've decided to start a KAL for Eventide in my Ravelry group.. there will be prizes (and maybe games if I can think of some) and lots of support, encouragement, and technique discussion.  I'm thinking of the KAL as a fun place to be when it's too hot to be outdoors.  I am really looking forward to it!  Won't you join us?
Because all the knitting is secret I am sharing my FAVORITE summer flowers from my garden with you.  Above is the first blooming Zinnia, and at the top is a foxgloveThe front of my house is crawling with them, but this one is particularly lovely!


TNNA Recap

TNNA was a blast as usual!  It was crazier than ever, I launched 7 new designs that I hope to start showing in the next few weeks, Schaefer released it's new yarn Chris, and 12 new colors, including one handpaint I created myself!
As usual, I tried to take pics, but was so busy teaching, speaking, chatting and showing that not so many actually got taken.  In the evening when I finally had time to relax with friends firing up my camera was the last thing I thought of!  Here are a few to share with you, though:
  Showing our new yarn, Chris, to Sheri, owner of The Loopy Ewe. 
Photo courtesy of HelloTNNA
Getting ready for my first TIPS session on patterns that make great classes.I looked up and the room was full, that's when the adrenaline kicked in....I have no recollection of what I said, but I heard I made sense!
Teaching Circulate to 20 wonderful store owners!
A successful Undulating Waves class!bobsolda
I am SO happy to be home!  I missed my bed like never before... I have super secret knitting deadlines that need my complete attention for the next few days, I'm rather glad as they are making me HAVE to knit instead of getting distracted by everything else summer has to offer.  School gets out for the girl next Wednesday and I want to be ready to play!


The Glory of Squam!


I just came back from another glorious weekend teaching at SQUAM Art Workshops.  I taught there last year and it was the most inspirational  workshop I had ever been too. I have to admit that I was a little concerned that there was no way it could live up to my expectations this year.  I'm happy to say, it surpassed them!

The weekend was a perfect balance of teaching, learning, swimming, walking, talking, not so much sleep and LAUGHTER.   Serious laughter, I mean, pee in your pants laughter, you know?  The kind of laughter that restores me to balance after many long work weeks.... and gets me ready for the weeks ahead. 
The Sugar Shack (my classroom)
Jessa from Happy Knits
Julie's Entomology

I taught Entomology all day Thursday, Circulate all day Friday, and a really fun WIP class on Saturday that helped 6 amazing knitters get their projects back on track.  My students were phenomenal, we were quickly comfortable with each other and though I challenged them and "made their brains hurt" we still had tons of fun.  

In between teaching there was all that talking, laughter, and swimming I was telling you about.  The camp SQUAM takes place at, RDC, is pristine.  Walking back from lunch one day we even had a baby black bear cross our path!  I was so amazed I forgot to be scared, he was seriously cute and even stopped to look at us a bit.  I was too involved to take a pic, but he did look something like this:

A moth I saw on another (less exciting) stroll:

As is typical for me I was WAY too involved in the moment to take many pics, but I finally got to meet (and spend time with) Stephanie,
Ysolda, Jared, Jenny, and Gundrun and see Elizabeth (Squam's Visionary Mama) Kimm, Marisa, Lizzy, Denny, Jonatha, Jen, Maya and Jess and Casey from Ravelry again.  I seriously LOVE my Squammie peeps!


I'm hitting the ground running, getting ready to leave for TNNA on Thursday am with 7 new designs to show in the Schaefer booth, 2 classes to teach, and LOTS of Jeni's ice cream to eat.  Until next year I hold onto the view from my bedroom: