Kinetik Revealed

Kinetik Spoiler!
Everyone thought is was a thong... but it wasn't see?
Sweet Georgia Yarn Tough.Love.Sock in English Ivy with Matsuno Beads
String Theory Caper Sock in Oban without beads!
Worn Bandito Style!
The Kinetik Mystery KAL has come to a close, there are no words for how AMAZING this KAL has been!  I was nervous when I started with the KAL, even with videos I worried that my knitter's wouldn't get it and would all throw in the towel... no one knew what they were making, and knitting this bad boy wasn't easy, BUT, they persevered!  One by one the stitch started clicking.... my Ravelry group was Un-Freaking-Believable supporting those who were having trouble with laughter, caring, and concrete techniques that helped them GET IT!  There were days I laughed so hard I spilled coffee all over my keyboard, and others that brought me to tears... I've heard that Rav groups have the potential for creating a strong community, but laws, my group ROCKED!

There are a few people I need to thank as it took a small army to make this happen... so THANKYOU to Colleen, Kate, Cherita, Jeane, Melise, Ms. Baxter, Nancy and the Johnson Art Museum, Felicia at Sweet Georgia Yarns and Tanis and Karen at String Theory Yarn.  

Kinetik is now available in it's final "non-mystery" version. You can see more pictures and purchase it on my website or on Ravelry.  Lucky for you the Ravelry group threads are there in perpetuity so you can always go read through them for help and tips.  I've even set up a "Plod-Along group" for those still working on Kinetik, and that is a great place to join in and become part of the community!



Anybody else get hungry while they work?  The other day I was just minding my own business, tech editing patterns, and taking a twitter break when I stumbled upon Lizzie, DaisyJanie, and Betz chattering about roasting chickpeas... suddenly I found myself in the kitchen, can opener in hand reaching for the chickpeas.  Thirty minutes later I had Roasted Chickpeas, and then I ate them ALL!  (yes, there is danger when working from home!)

I've made them multiple times since then and just have to share with you my technique as they are an excellent healthy low-cost homemade snack! 

1 can chick peas
Olive Oil
Seasonings (such as: cumin, nutritional yeast, garlic powder, aleppo pepper, chinese 5 spice blend)
  • Preheat oven to 425.
  • Open can of chickpeas, rinse well and pat dry!
  • Place chickpeas in a roasting dish or baking sheet with sides and drizzle with a little oil.
  • Place in oven, roast for 25 minutes, stir the chickpeas well at least three times.
  • Take out of oven, sprinkle with seasonings.  (I wouldn't use all the ideas I listed at once, but a combination of a few of them works well!)
  • Roast for 5 more minutes keeping a good eye on them.
  • Allow to cool before devouring in large handfuls!

Enjoy!  I wish I knew about these when my girl was little... they are the perfect toddler snack!

p.s. We made Maya's Golden Lentil Miso Soup the other night and these were an EXCELLENT garnish! 


Pattern Release: Perlé

Remember Perlé?  First released as part of KnitCircus Gifts 2011, copyright has reverted back to me and I can make it available to you! 


At Rhinebeck the folks at Bijou Basin Ranch were lovely enough to give me a skein of Lhasa Wilderness, a stunning 75% yak/ 25% bamboo yarn that I have fallen deeply for.  I am a sucker for neutrals and this mocha color does not disappoint!  I had such fun playing with the beads in my stash to find ones that would coordinate without being too "showy", this version is not all about the bling!

Perlé is a scarflette that is worked in two halves and kitchener stitched together. An optional slit is incorporated so that the scarf can “lock” into place around your neck. Beads are worked in two different ways on this pattern: the edge beads are pre-strung and worked on the first knit stitch of each row; the interior beads are placed onto their stitches with a crochet hook or super floss. The pattern includes instructions and links to videos that will help you learn these beading techniques if they are new to you!
I got the version back in time for last weekend's photoshoot and just HAD to capture a new pic or two!  This version is done in 1 skein of Fibre Company's Road to China Light in Lapis.  I designed Perlé to be used with luxury one skeins yarn like these... I know we all have them in our stash just waiting for the perfect pattern... right?

You can read more about Perlé and purchase it here.  Enjoy!


An Annoucement you might be waiting for!

I am so excited to share this news with you.... I get to film a new course with Craftsy!

And guess what is on?  Knitting with Beads, of course!

My lace class with them has been a roaring success and many of my students have been asking what is next... I am so happy to be able to let the cat out of the bag, AND share a little sneak peek with you of one of the designs for it:
"unblocked" Beaded Lace Shawl in Jill Draper Makes Stuff Nimbus
Hopefully the course will be live in the beginning of April and I promise, you shall be the first to know when it is!  Meanwhile, I am back to some crazy pants deadline knitting.....


Pattern Release: Soutache Set

I've been waiting to release Soutache Set... and here you go! Originally published in January 2012's issue of Creative Knitting, copyright has now reverted back to me!

Soutache Set is based on four strands of beaded i-cord that are braided together. This easy elegant set will allow you use up a bit of luxury yarn OR your leftover sock yarn and get you building a bead stash as each i-cord strand has a different color bead on it. A video tutorial is included for working the beaded i-cord stitch making this a great first beading project. Soutache reminds me of the sailor rope bracelets my brother and I used to get as kids that we would wear ALL summer long... but it's a bit more refined, don't you think?

When I knit Soutache Set for Creative Knitting I used some Madeline Tosh Sock I had from another project. When I went to knit a few other versions (anybody noticed that I'm not very good at just making one of my designs?) I went stash diving!
This cuff is made with one skein of Planet Earth's Silk needlepoint thread. I was in a yarn/needlepoint store in South Florida and fell in love with their wall of Planet Earth. I realized it was the PERFECT weight for jewelry and I loaded up on some mini-skeins.I've been wearing this cuff on and off since the photoshoot... and it's officially "mine!"
The necklace is made with some Fleece Artist merino 2/6 I had in stash.  I had such fun choosing coordinating beads for this version... the variegated blues and gunmetal grey's in my bead stash were more than happy to be played with.

You can already see other versions of Soutache on Ravelry... I love seeing what yarn and bead combo everyone has chosen!  You can purchase Soutache here, on or Ravelry here.


Upcoming Workshops and Retreats!

I'm just back from the perfect weekend in Mount Morris, NY teaching a lovely a group of knitters everything (almost) that I know about knitting with beads and lace.  I know I say it again and again, but I feel so LUCKY that I get to call this work! 
Entomology Workshop at Mount Morris
Knitter's at the Livingston Arts Center, working hard on Entomology
Youngest Student EVER!
Meet Zoe, my youngest student EVER.... she has that look on her face 'cause the lace was a little hard for her! (Her mom did great!)
Traveling to teach knitting workshops is one of my favorite parts of  this job I have created for myself!  I've got some great classes lined up for the spring... is one of them near you?  I'd love to get to meet "in real life", as they say!

March 16 - 18- Yarn Cupboard Winter Retreat- Syracuse, NY-
Advanced Lace with Beads, Knitting Jewelry with Beads, and Eventide
w/ Jill Draper, Cal Patch, Sharon McMahon, Sandi Wiseheart, Beth Coye, Jennifer Vancalar, Shannon Adams, Lisa Merian
       This weekend is sure to be a blast as we spend 48 hours knitting, chatting, eating and laughing together... I do look forward to meeting some of these lovely ladies, I might just go "fan" girl on a few of them : )!

April 20 - 21 st- Webs- Northhampton, MA-
Advanced Lace with Beads
and Butin Collar
        I CANNOT wait to visit this "mecca" of yarn and share my passion with their knitters!  This would be a great overnight for any of you on the east coast who have been waiting to take a class with me.... and we can shop together too!

May 5 - 6- Kitchener/Waterloo Knitting Guild- Kitchener, ONT-
Knitting Jewelry with Beads, and Eventide, Speaking, Tuesday May 8th
          I am beyond honored to be asked to teach and speak to the Kitchener Guild.. this is one of those gigs that  keep having to pinch myself about!  (A super big plus is that I finally get to go to Toronto, visit friends, AND go bead shopping!)
You can see a full listing of my workshops on my website.  I try to keep this up-to-date, so check back if you want to see if I'll be in your area OR if you think your LYS/guild would enjoy having me get in touch for information!  This is a full schedule for me as I find traveling more than once a month that takes me away from my family and design work more than I enjoy.  One of the lovely things about being my own boss is that I get to make company policies (and break them too!)


A Lanesplitter for me!

Well, this took a little while to finish and take pics... but look what is finally off my needles and onto my body: LANESPLITTER!
Don't get me wrong, this is an insanely quick knit... I started it in November but got waylaid by a few huge projects and the holidays, I finished it while in Nevada, happily chatting away with my knitting peeps! 
One big mod I did from the original pattern was to use these directions from PaulaSulli for a seamless version.  The only thing I didn't like about the design was the line made by the seam and by doing some simple trigonometry (insert evil laugh here) the seam went away!
Breaking it down a bit:  To make lanesplitter seamless you want to take away the increase and decrease sections and start by provisionally casting on at the diagonal line.
I knew I wanted my Lanesplitter to be 17 inches long, and that angle A= 50 degrees, and Angle B= 40 degrees (thanks to PaulaSulli for figuring this out!)  So I plugged these numbers into this calculator, where the desired length (17 inches) is side A. I got 22 inches for side C which is the cast on edge.  I got a gauge of 4 sts to the inch, so 4 *22=88 sts was my magic cast on number.  After casting on, I worked the straight section of the pattern until the skirt was 6 inches less than my hip measurement, when I grafted I worked a garter stitch kitchener.
I've posted my project to Ravelry, take a look at the other 13,081 Lansplitter's knitters have made... it really looks good on everyone!  I wore it to Knitting Etc the other day and I'm pretty sure a few other Ithaca knitters are going to be jumping on the Lanesplitter bandwagon too!


A Cozy for my Cuppow!

Meet my new BFF... CUPPOW!  I ordered mine in January as soon as I heard about it and it arrived in today's mail!  Cuppow is brilliant, it turns my wide mouth mason jars into a to-go mug.  I realized, though, that for hot drinks my Cuppow needed a felted cozy!
So, I grabbed my Size 11 needles, held some worsted weight yarn double, and cast on 30 stitches in the round.  I knit for 14 rounds, bound off my stitches, wove in my ends, washed it in hot water and soap until the wool felted... instant CUPPOW cozy!  Oh Yes!  Can I even tell you how liberating it is to write a knitting pattern that is one run on sentence?
I did make a second Cuppow with hearts on it as my ode to Valentine's day.  I've included a chart below in case anyone else needs to make one too!  The chart is 10 stitches wide, so just repeat it three times around.