Video Tutorial: Backwards Loop Cast On

A few of my patterns, including the popular Butin Collar use this Backwards Loop Cast On... I realized it was time for me to shoot a quick video to teach you how to easily work this technique!

The Backwards Loop Cast On gives a very flexible base, which makes it great for an edge that you want to be able to block out (like in lace)... but not so much for an edge that needs structure (like on the bottom of a sweater).  It is also worked with only one strand of yarn, so it is perfect for working with pre-strung beads on the cast on row as well! 

Are there any other techniques you'd love to have me show you how to do with a quick video?  I've started a list, and am happy to add to it!


Because I like to eat....

One of the many things I adore about traveling is experiencing new recipes and foods!  The last night I was in Canada the guild took me to Hometown Eatery... I had been advised by some knitters to try their warm chick pea salad, and OH.MY.GOODNESS, I ate the whole thing!

Fast forward a week later, I still couldn't get that salad off my mind, so I did a quick google search, and look what I found!  THE RECIPE!  My dear friend Maya and I had a playdate last weekend and we whipped it up together, and you know what?  I ate it all up again!  SO.GOOD!  We did a few mods, like using local goat cheese in place of the feta, omitting the olives, and using chives from the garden. 
Last night my hubby and I dug into a pan of Shakshouka.... I've been hearing about this legendary egg dish, but I never had the fortune to run across it on a menu (or go to Isreal), so I decided it was time to whip it up!  One of my favorite cooking blogs, Smitten Kitchen had a recipe that I followed *almost* verbatim... I did use some smoky paprika and roasted tomatoes instead of regular, and again, local goat cheese instead of feta.
What have you been cooking lately?  I am obviously feeling a bit inspired in the kitchen and would love some new ideas (obsessions) to try out!


Severn Shawl: A New Pattern in LaceKnits!

Interweave just released a new E-Mag entitled LaceKnits... and guess who has a design in it? 
I'd like to say that when photography is as stunning as this is I feel like I don't need to say much about the design, thankyou Interweave! You can, though, read more about the yarn requirements and other details on Ravelry.
Wondering about the construction?  Severn Shawl is constructed similar to Kinetik, with 2 triangles worked separately, side to center, and then joined as you would the heel of a sock with a lacy cabled center panel. 

The sad news?  Right now this pattern is only available through Lace Knits... and you have to have an I-Pad to purchase and view it.  Copyright will revert back to me in 2014, I promise to let you know when it's available as an individual pattern either through myself, or Interweave.

All photos copyright Interweave Press 2013


Mudra Cuff: May's Adorn Anew Pattern!

Introducing Adorn Anew's first pattern:  Mudra Cuff

Mudra Cuff is constructed with 3 strands of I-cord that have beads slipped up in between the cord’s stitches. The beaded sections have smaller size 8 beads surrounding a larger accent bead. This design is perfect for playing with color and best of all is FUN to knit!
The cords are attached to a 3-ring slide clasp which means they stay in place on your wrist!
I used Sweet Georgia Yarn Tough.Love.Sock for these three versions... I did try one with laceweight (of course!) but it didn't have the structure and was too floppy for me!  I cannot wait to see what you all come up with! Taking photos of this pattern was just a bit too much fun, see?


And since you made it to the bottom of the post, want to hear a secret? There is going to be a KIT for the Mudra Cuff coming out soon!


Oh Canada... I have a crush on you!

Well, I am back from a wonderful LONG weekend away in Ontario.  I taught last Friday and Saturday  in Kitchener to their guild, and then on Monday at Lettuce Knit in Toronto, and finally went back to Kitchener/Waterloo on Tuesday night to speak to their ginormous, active and awesome guild!  It was such a fun filled weekend with friends, yarn, beads and food!  Want to see?

These four ladies were in my Eventide class on Sunday. We were pretty silly as there was live music right outside the classroom, on Saturday we even had a dancing stuffed tiger!  (That was so surreal, I forgot to take a picture!)
Teaching Advanced Lace with Beads at Lettuce Knit, what a lovely store!
Irene's finished sample!
Learning about nupps!
Wrangling a bead into submission!
Thanks to my lovely hostess Kate for taking such great shots during my class... Kate is a renowned knitting teaching and I was quite nervous having her sit in for my class. She "says" she might have learned a thing or two as well!
A trip to Bookhou with Megan, one of these hand printed pouches got to come home with me!
Knitting and Beers with Indigirl and Kate, it was too dark to take pics of us together, so the beer will have to do!
Finally I went back to Kitchener/Waterloo and spoke to their guild...
In which I look like I am "rapping"... don't worry, I didn't!
Thanks to Ann for taking pics while I spoke!
It is an understatement to say I was nervous speaking to this big a group... but it went off without a hitch!  I quickly figured out that this was a group with a sense of humor and they helped me get comfortable with them quickly.  What a great talk we had... thanks so much Kitchener for having me! (and to Angela and Johanna for taking such great care of me!)

As I drove home I finished listening to Jenny Lawson (the Bloggess) read her new book Let's Pretend This Never Happened, I adored it and her!  In fact, I've decided that she should be my new BFF... she's that amusing.  If you are in the mood for an irreverent listen/read I highly suggest it!


Adorn Anew: Time to Pre-Order!

I am thrilled to open pre-orders for my Second Knitted Jewelry Collection, Adorn Anew!

Similar to Adorn, Adorn Anew will contain 10 knitted jewelry patterns that are designed to help build your beaded knitting skills AND use up your leftover bits of yarn and beads!   New pattern(s) will be released at the beginning of every month from May through December 2012.  As with Adorn video tutorial links will also be included to help you with any tricksy bits. The designs are so exciting, and I CANNOT wait for you to see them! 

The first pattern in Adorn Anew, Mudra, has been revealed, but will not released until May 15th. As a thankyou if you purchase Adorn Anew before May 15th you will be eligible to receive one other pattern of mine for free!  (Just use CouponCode: ADORNANEW)


SkyIsle in time for Spring!

Earlier this winter when Knitty came out, I saw this sweater and decided I HAD.TO.HAVE.IT... so of course, I ran out and bought the exact yarn for it.  Then I decided that the neckline would frustrate me, and that the style was perhaps more suited to one a wee bit taller than myself... and that's where the mods began.
I am not going to tell you everything I did to change SkyIsle in detail... when I knit for myself I really just go for it, there were tiny notes about gauge, chart repeats, shaping, and as I finished that section I lost them (on purpose I'm afraid.....)  If I ever want to duplicate it I'll just have to sit down with the sweater and figure out what I did!
What I have ended up with is my new favorite sweater... the only similarities to the original SkyIsle are the yarn used, Donegal Tweed, and the chart (which I modified to be shorter, but is the same width.)  I based the body shaping on the fit of Cascabel, and the neckline on Owls.  I am a sucker for sweaters with super tight, long sleeves as I have decided they make me look taller... what do you love in a sweater's fit?
Oh, and the winner from the Scrumptious Knits giveaway?  Congrats to Lauren (rav name: LSeidl) get in touch to "claim" your prizes!