On Sewing Knits....

This weekend I decided it was time to get some sewing done... in November I had done some damage at Mood Fabrics in their wool jersey aisle and it was time to try out the Renfrew pattern I got in December.  (This is all because I am going to Fancy Tiger next week and if I want to buy more fabric I gots to stashdown!)
I am certainly comfortable at the sewing machine, but I did not work with knits in college (or beyond) so I decided to watch Meg McElwee's Sewing with Knits on Craftsy Friday night before I dove into Renfrew.  I'm going to admit that this is the first time I've ever really been a Craftsy student..... I've watched classes before, but not been an involved learner.  Sewing knits is a very different beast than sewing woven fabrics and there is alot to learn (and buy!).  In fact, I woke up early Saturday am to be at the fabric store the moment they opened to buy a walking foot and elastic thread.  Within 5 minutes of being at the shop I learned my 20 year old machine had a built in walking foot, and the ability to use a twin needle (yeah PFAFF!) and that I only needed to spend $2.49 on clear elastic. WOOT!

We had a busy weekend, but by Sunday afternoon I had a finished shirt that is my new favorite thing... and I had decided that Meg and I should be BFF's.  Spending so much time with her this weekend really helped me understand the phenomena of feeling like you "know" your Craftsy instructor....
Next up, I have some gorgeous robin's egg blue wool jersey for a Renfrew with a more dramatic cowl neck.  (This one is small as I ran out of fabric and had a "make it work" moment....)


Time to get my Teaching On!

So, I've been pretty good about sticking to my "travel once a month to teach" rule... and I realized I never shared with y'all where I am going to be this Spring!  It's always up on my website, but I don't know how often you get over to my workshops page : )!

First up, I've got a surprise I am too excited about!  I'm off to film another class with Craftsy the first week of February in Denver, and while I'm there I'm going to teach a class at Fancy Tiger Crafts!  Have you ever been? It's got it all.... yarn/fabric/needlearts, but they've never had a beading class!  I can't wait to bring those Fancy Tigers over to the blingside!  I expect I'll be spending my entire class fee on fabric and sewing patterns... but that's ok, right?

And then, March 14 - 16 I'm off to teach at Vogue Knitting Live in Seattle!  I'm teaching some new classes that I can't wait to try on my students: Getting Your Lace On! (beginning lace), Stereo Cuff, Reversible Undulating Waves (HINT: this is a new pattern), and The Craft of Casting On.  I'm also teaching Cowl Design, which I've only taught once before to rave reviews, Knitting Jewelry, and Beading 101.  I'm going to be busy... Vogue puts on fabulous shows and I am honored to be a part of them!
Reversible Undulating Waves
April's workshop weekend is close to home and SO FUN!  The Yarn Cupboard Retreat, April 25-27th is an intimate relaxed retreat, with amazing teachers, and GREAT students.... classes are small at this retreat, and it's a wonderful event to attend to rejuvenate and learn!  (Oh, and also buy yarn, the vendors are pretty amazing.... my buddy Jill will be there, and I like to get all her yarn!)  I'm teaching Cambio Cowl, Stereo Cuff, and Mica Mitts or Tam.

In May I'll be at TNNA, the industry wholesale show, showing some new kits, that you'll get to hear about soon : )!

In June I'm teaching at a retreat I can't tell you about yet.... but it is going to be AWESOME, and I will teach new designs there, and I.CAN'T.WAIT!  And in July, I'll be holding workshops all weekend at SSK (which is sold out, sorry!)
Any of you who have taken classes with me know how much I LOVE to teach.... meeting knitters, teaching them my tips and tricks and learning from them is part of what makes my job the BEST.JOB.EVER!!  So, who am I going to see this Spring?


My Year of Making.... #yearofmaking

Have you ever checked out Instagram?  I've been really really enjoying it lately as a way to see what others are up to!  I follow mostly makers and friends, and their photos of food, life, crafting, art, and nature never fail to inspire.... or make me hungry!

Last year my friend Miriam Felton participated in a Year of Making, where she captured an image of her daily works in progress.... she stated that her challenge wasn't to make, but to document and do it with intent.
1/365- For my next Craftsy class!
So, I thought, I can do that!  I already make at least one thing a day! But I agree with Miriam, the documenting is the challenging part, for one thing, half of what I make is secret and I can't share it.... so expect a fair number of photos that don't show you much (like above and below)!
4/365- Unraveling to make a design BETTER!
I've decided that I get have my #yearofmaking be guilt free... I really don't need my making to be  stressful, it's a release.  So I'll be posting photos most days, but if I miss it because I'm at a family wedding, or sick in bed, or just forget that is ok!  Cause it's my challenge!  The last thing I need is more stress, right?
6/365- Starting an Artichoke French for my Girl!
So, follow along on Instagram or Twitter.... and should you decide to join in let me know, I'd love to see what you are making everyday too!

Aaaaand, you can see that by following along you get some pretty good sneak peeks of what is to come, right?
7/365- An idea!!!!


Video Tutorial: Unzipping a Provisional Cast On

Time for the next in a series of video tutorials for the Magpie MKAL.  This video is going to be helpful with many of my other designs as well... I'm surprised it took me so long to make it!

I have a video tutorial for working a provisional cast on, but one of my Ravelry moderators, Lori, reminded me I didn't have one for unzipping it when it was time to get those live stitches back on a needle!  So here you go... this one is for you Lori!


Video Tutorial: Center Double Decreasing!

I'm getting ready to release the Magpie MKAL on Thursday... which means I've been making some new video tutorials to teach you all some tricksy knitting maneuvers you'll be learning!  Ready for the first one?

This video teaches you my favorite ways to make Centered Double Decreases on the Right Side (cdd) and Wrong Side (pcdd) of your work!  These certainly aren't the only ways to make centered double decreases, but they are the ones I use and I'm happy to share them with you!

I'll be back tomorrow with another video : )!