Upcoming Trip to Europe, Fall Workshops and a Winner!

WOW... it's almost July? How in the heck did that happen? (Don't answer that!)

I'm busy getting ready for a summer travel adventure with my family... we are headed to Europe again, but this time farther north, Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague and Bavaria. I even managed to schedule a weekend with knitters! My husband and girl are dropping me of in Pfaffenhofen der Ilm (north of Munich) to visit Wollmeise and meet my European Craftsy students and members of my Ravelry group! I.CANNOT.WAIT!

Here are the details in case you should be on that side of the ocean and want to meet up:
Saturday July 18th
10 - 12: at Wollmeise,shopping/knitting/enabling!
12 - 2ish: Lunch, everyone who is there is welcome to join us!
2 - 4: More time at Wollmeise or at a cafe nearby if I have spent all my money!
(we'll make sure the staff at Wollmeise know where we are if you get there and I'm not there!)

There is more chatter about the gathering in my Ravelry group... I do hope to meet some of you there!

AND my fall schedule has been firmed up... it's a busy one! Knitter's Day Out, The Knitter's Edge, Vogue Knitting Live, Knit East! and the cruise with an after-cruise party/classes at A Good Yarn! I'm totally looking forward to this fall!

I was thrilled with the response to last week's bead dilemma... I ended up going with C and D! Thankyou for your help, it was much appreciated... the shawl is going to be gorgeous!!! The winner of the giveaway is Pattieknits! Congrats Pattie!  Get in touch to claim your prize!

Alrighty, back to planning my knitting and wardrobe for the trip... photos of my new blazer later this week once it stops raining!


I need your help... (and a giveaway!)

Oh my, I just had a really good mail day, and my needles are itching to cast on a new design with this yarn, BUT I can't decide what bead color I should use for it!

I bet you need some background to help you decide which bead you like best.... this design is destined to be part of a super secret special project with Swiss Wulle Festival and Siidegarte. The yarn is Siide-Nobel, a luxurious blend of silk and baby camel (yes, I said baby camel!) and it is going to make the most gorgeous secret project ever!

You might remember that I met Fides and Gaby when I was in Switzerland last summer and that I fell in love with both them and their yarns. During my visit Fides and Gaby loaded me up with yarn to design with (it's an occupational hazard of mine). I received a sweater's quantity worth of Siide-Buschper which has already been knit up in a sweater that will be released later this summer (see sneak peek below!) and two skeins of Siide-Fideel.
This morning while surfing the internet (and stalking the mailbox for my yarn) I saw that the Swiss Wulle Festival announced Under the Same Sky, a collaboration with native knitwear designer Nadia Crétin-Léchenne. Isn't this shawl stunning?

I immediately thought of the two skeins of Siide-Fideel I got last summer, but there is no way I have time to join in on the Under the Same Sky KAL, no matter how gorgeous and fun to knit I think this shawl is!

So, since I am asking you for help choosing beads, I figure in exchange one of you should get to win them so you can join in on the KAL in my stead...

The giveaway details... 
Which bead do you like best with my yarn?
A- Silver lined square hole pale pink (Matsuno)
Silver lined square hole pink AB matte finish (Matsuno)
C- Transparent raspberry AB  (Toho)
D- Transparent topaz AB Delica (Miyuki)

Just leave a comment letting me know your choice (A,B,C, or D) below by 12pm (EST) on June 28th, don't forget to leave a way to get in touch with you! I randomly choose a winner on Monday the 29th and get your 2 skeins of Siide-Fidel out to you!


Meta Mystery KAL: Shawl Revealed!

Thankyou all for playing in what a I know was a crazy Mystery KAL (even by my standards!)... I really tried hard with this one to keep you guessing as to what you were making until the last possible moment. Writing patterns like this is so stimulating for my design cortex as I end up with a construction even I did not know was possible! (Is a design cortex a thing? If not, it should be!)
Meta was designed to be knit in sections (or kites) and then those kites are connected to create a uniquely shaped shawl that sits perfectly on the shoulders. First 3 mainly garter stitch kites are knit, one of which has optional beads. Then kites 1 and 2 are connected by a rectangular panel that has a lace stripe. An edging is worked out from the side of kite 1. Then kites 2 and 3 are connected with another panel, and an edging is worked out on kite 3, and suddenly you have a shawl!
Now, that you see the construction, let's show you a few more photos of Meta!

The edging!
The connector stitch!
One of the things I do in Mystery KAL's is not give blocking directions as it seems there are many ways shawls can be blocked and this changes their final shape!  You can see the many ways Meta was blocked here.  I didn't get many blocking photos of mine (whoops!) but did snap this one...  I used Knitter's Pride Knit Blockers on my edging to get the "steps" straight! Others pulled the edging into points, which is also stunning!
I have a few thankyou's to make as the clues were error free because of a dedicated crew of testers and tech editors who questioned me throughout the entire process so that we could make sure the resulting pattern had as little errata as possible! This is particularly extra important with Mystery KAL's as since the knitter doesn't have a photo to check their work by they don't know if something is going wrong! SO, huge thanks to Kate, Ann, Justine, Lorrie and Lori! Meta would not have been the success it is without you!

Those of you who haven't finished up your Meta's a thread has been set up in case you have questions/need support/want to show your progress! There is also an Finished Meta Contest, that is open until July 2nd! 

I do have another Mystery KAL planned for September, details will come out in August!... it is another fun construction, promise!


Migra Mitts: The MClub's 3rd shipment!

Migra Mitts were designed as the pattern for the 3rd kit of 2015's M Club!
Migra Mitts are knit with one skein of Gale's Art MYS 622 a stunning blend of merino, yak, and silk. Gale dyed a stunning deep red for the club. It's actually even richer than shown in these photos. We called it Lola's Red as is it one of my favorite colors, and Lola is my alter ego (did you know that?) She's the one who dances with her hair down until all hours of the night, I don't let her out very much anymore....
Migra means Migrates in Spanish, which is a perfect translation for this beaded stitch as it migrates (or travels) from one side of the hand to the other. The pattern is sized, and the Right and Left Mitts are mirrored.
You’ll get to play with two different beading techniques (beads on yarnovers and slipping beads in between stitches) while working double sided lace in the round... FUN TIMES!!!! The lovely part about this pattern is that the smaller beads (size 8) are the ones that are slipped between sts, and the larger beads (size 6) are worked on yarnovers... this makes it really easy to notice if you have gone off pattern or forgotten a bead!
A KAL for this pattern is "on" for 2015 M Club Members in our Ravelry group.
And of course there is a video!


Beaded Waves Cuff: Pattern, Kit and Tutorial!

It's time to tell you all about my newest jewelry design and kit: Beaded Waves Cuff! I've actually had this pattern ready for a while, and have taught it numerous times in the last year, it just wasn't ready for public consumption until now!

Beaded Waves, is simple, and fun! It plays with elongating stitches on one row, and then placing beads on them on the next row. I've used the technique of placing beads on Elongated Stitches in Fino and Oscillo, so it was a natural progression to design a cuff with the technique!

In the pattern I have suggested 2 possible layouts for the bead colors, one with 2 colors and one with 3 colors. There is even a blank diagram for you to design your own bead pattern once you get the hang of the pattern!
Pattern available here for $5.
Kits available here or at your LYS for $17.
Tutorials available here and here for free : )!


TNNA 2015: Columbus Style!

I'm back from TNNA... what a blast! The booth was WAY too busy to be taking photos, but I did get a few as each day flew by in a blur of seeing old friends, making new ones, showing kits and patterns and generally schmoozing it up knitter trade show style!

I convinced my good friend, and yarn genius Jill Draper to join me, and that saved the day! Many of my kits use Jill's yarn Esopus so she knows all about them, and she is an excellent roommate/travel buddy. Also it turns out that she likes to eat donuts as much as I do... and she isn't scared of Zombie's either!
The booth on Saturday am, before all the festivities began!
This is Theresa, a member of my M Club, who won a bead stash from me and picked it up at TNNA!
She was pretty thrilled with her haul! (and yes, I am wearing my Meta Mystery Shawl!)
Melissa, Patty and I had a quick meeting about the cruise at Craftsy's teacher dinner, it's pretty clear from this photo that we aren't plotting anything fun for our week together!
A new Kit! Lapso Cowl!!!!
Another New Kit: Beaded Waves Cuff! (separate blog post to follow!)
Katie and Susan from A Good Yarn stopped by to say "HI!" and we took this pic for Jan, Susan's employee and one of my Rav group members... and all around AMAZING person... I told Susan I wanted to steal her! Hi Jan!
Jill and I ate donuts... EVERY DAY! FYI, Blackberry &  Rosemary is an incredible combo!
Photo Credit: Jill Draper
Want to see more? There are some other great pics in my Instagram feed, and in Jill's... I didn't want to scare anyone by posting zombie pics here!

(and for the very astute... you will notice a sneak peek of a BIG project coming next Fall : )! )