LLK- Knit with Laura & Lola: Log 1

WAHOO! Guess who started a video bloggy thing?
Lola and Laura, that’s who!

Show Notes

What I’m Knitting
Sweater with yarn I got in Studio Donegal in Ireland
color 3781

What I’m Obsessed with
Do you have a favorite serger?
Witch’s Stitches- Big Flats

Oxford Punch Needle Size #10 from Amy Oxford

What’s Coming Down the Pike (or already came down it?)
Reversible Undulating Waves Kits
Wearing longer version of Reversible Undulating Waves Cowl in Kathmandu

Novel-T and Novel Long release on July 1st!
No link for Novel-Long yet!
Yarn- Carol Feller’s Nua in Haybale

My last Aquifer kit!
Enter here.
Pattern here.
Closes when the next log launches or July 2nd at 12pm EST, whichever comes first!

The N Club (sign ups open in September ’19)
Lola’s Choice (sign ups always open!)