LLK- Knit with Laura & Lola: Log 1

WAHOO! Guess who started a video bloggy thing?
Lola and Laura, that’s who!

Show Notes

What I’m Knitting
Sweater with yarn I got in Studio Donegal in Ireland
color 3781

What I’m Obsessed with
Do you have a favorite serger?
Witch’s Stitches- Big Flats

Oxford Punch Needle Size #10 from Amy Oxford

What’s Coming Down the Pike (or already came down it?)
Reversible Undulating Waves Kits
Wearing longer version of Reversible Undulating Waves Cowl in Kathmandu

Novel-T and Novel Long release on July 1st!
No link for Novel-Long yet!
Yarn- Carol Feller’s Nua in Haybale

My last Aquifer kit!
Enter here.
Pattern here.
Closes when the next log launches or July 2nd at 12pm EST, whichever comes first!

The N Club (sign ups open in September ’19)
Lola’s Choice (sign ups always open!)


  1. It's exciting to see what's new in your world. I do like to see the other things you do and learn more about you-take all your Craftsy classes as I get to them.

  2. I really enjoyed the video and would like to see anything you do especially with beads. I am a visual learner and really enjoy this type of format to learn.

  3. I totally LOVE L2K!! Here's a tip that makes actual Laura/Lola even better: I watched them on my 50" TV using my Roku (it has a You Tube choice). The colors popped, Laura/Lola's voice was clear and enunciation was distinct and friendly without Laura sounding like she popped off to London to take a diction course at RADA for 3 weeks. And the garments looked fantastic. What a great choice you've let Lola make for you Laura!

    Here's a thought for some "getting your feet wet" guests: There are so many creative people in the Ithaca/Finger Lakes area that are have contributed to the arts. I'm thinking of Daphne Sola, but I know there are others. These people are not necessarily fiberists, but they are creative people who share the same excitement, frustrations, and deep satisfaction we do as fiber folks. Maybe some of them would be willing to share their process and their work with you. Another thought might be to interview someone in the Finger Lakes who farms sheep. (Wasn't there a Finger Lakes sheep herder who created the targee that resulted in the yarn for our Taughannock Shawls last year?).

    OK. Lola clearly gets me a little excited 🤣🤣!!