Proto-Lola: September's Lola's Choice Kit!

I think most of the kits have landed so I can share September's Lola's Choice Kit with you all...

Introducing Proto-Lola!

I decided to depart from the smaller delicate beaded pieces I had been designing for Lola's Choice and make a hat for fall. Lola told me she needed one... with her logo on it!

I used Berroco Catena with Alafoss Lettlopi for this design... I adore Lettlopi but it is a wee bit too "toothy" for hats for me. I realized if I used Catena (which is a chainette construction and SUPER soft) for the brim I could have a hat that is warm, soft and light. I've used both these yarns for Leio and when I did some colorwork with my leftovers I knew they were going to work together perfectly!  I did design the hat so if you want to skip the logo and just have the colorwork "star" go all the way around the hat it is easy to do. And those leather tags were just the finishing touch!


My photographer Jamie, is deep into senior portrait season, and Lola decided she wanted her photos to simulate that back to school mood... how did we do? 48 is the new 18, am I right?

It has been super fun to see how others are modifying their Proto-Lola's! Green Tops, Tassles, and extra colorwork! Fun, right

Finally, I did announce a little QUICKIE KAL in my Ravelry group... it was Lola's idea (of course it was!) All you have to do is finish your Proto-Lola by September 30th... (there is a charity component as well).

I do have a few kits for Proto-Lola left, so if you sign up for Lola's Choice now, you'll start with this kit!

xoxo, Lola


Bering Blanket: A Design in Process!

So, a few weeks ago when I launched the Bering Shawl I got a wee bit excited about making a blanket with the same general construction! I posted this photo on Facebook and Instagram was encouraged to cast on and share a bit of the design process with you! I purchased this natural gradient from Ironwood Hill Farm last November at Knit Ithaca, it is spun from the their Finn sheep after being meticulously sorted by color. With the amount I have I'll be making a square lap blanket, but I'm going to write up the pattern to make it easily customize-able to other shapes and yarn weights. In theory I'll have this done and tested by November?

I'm happy to report that 2 weeks later I have the 4 squares done! Here is the first baby done and blocked! It measures about 19 inches square...

While designing and knitting on this I realized I want the pattern to be REALLY versatile, so that we can get the most out of our yarn. For me it involved a fair amount of math and a spread sheet that looked like this:

For Square 1, I worked with 3 colors A, B and C, with A being the lightest in the gradient. You can see that I used my trusty scale and weighed (and measured) my skeins before I started and then after each section.

The darkest color in the gradient will become the main color and connect the squares together and also be the border. I have a sneaking suspicion I am going to be getting one more skein of that darkest color (or something similar) from the farm as I want the border to not be too puny!

I already have an idea for a second blanket, this one rectangular using Feederbrook Farm Entropy and Harrisville Flywheel I have in stash from Itha-Cowl! Won't that be amazing?

We might need an intervention over here! Halp?