I am still digesting, in a major way! What a fabulous weekend at Sock Summit. There aren't words for the inspiring knitters I met, great food I ate, yarn I coveted, and sights I saw.

Here are some highlights:
* "How I became a Knitter" lecture with Barbara Walker, what I learned from Barbara is that her life is a series of obsessions, and that knitting was one of them (I think she needs less sleep than I do), the woman is so amazing she has even designed her own Tarot.
* An amazing Ravelry party, Jess, Casey, Mary Heather and Sarah have a calm, fun loving dedication they bring to their project, they don't hold anything back, and are amazing appreciative, supportive, AWESOME people, I LOVE THEM! Mary Heather even wore Entomology, I'm a loser and didn't get a good pic... but I know there are some out there!

* Participating in a Guinness Book of World Records attempt for the most people knitting at one time, I think we did it, need I say more?

* GREAT FOOD, Alice (my buddy from boarding school who I stayed with) and I ate at Por Que No and Burgerville, and a yummy french brunch place with homemade croissants I forgot to get the name of!

* Shopping... I got some yarn, which I need like I need a whole in my head, but I HAD to do it: Shibui Silk Cloud in Wasabi, and a gorgeous skein of Kitchen Sink Dyeworks wool/bamboo blend in an awesome one of a kind green. (Mercedes calls her one of a kinds "odd ducks" which I love!) I also got a great bag from Splityarn which matches my yarn purchases beautifully. (I'll admit I bought the bag first and found yarn to match it.) Here's Star, myself and Caro (Miss Splityarn herself) with our matching purchases:* I talked with lots of knitters about Schaefer Yarn, and gave away TONS of samples I had on hand. This was super fun, and a great way to spend my "down" time.

* A Luminary Panel that blew my mind... one quote I remember "Busy hands are joyous hands", that must be why I knit! I was so busy soaking in all the knowledge and sage advice I forgot to take notes... so that's all you get!

* I won a raffle hosted by Abundant Yarn and Dyeworks for Doctors without Borders, and am the proud owner of an amazing barn raising quilt from the book Knitalong by Larissa Brown & Martin John Brown. I'll take pics and talk more about this later, it's an amazing piece I am honored to have.

I'm hunkering down to spend some quality time with my family and get some knitting done on deadlines that are looming scarily close, I'll be back!


  1. Look at you, busy, pretty lady! I'm so glad you had safe travels and a good time. I'm so jealous, and wish I could have gone. And, my goodness, you won a barn raising quilt? Could you weekend have been any better?! <3

  2. Edit: "Could YOUR weekend...." Sorry, you know I'm compulsive.

  3. Aw, yay! We love you too! :)

  4. wow! looks like a ton of fun, I'm totally jealous. glad you are back safe and hope you get some down time

  5. Hey Laura,
    You've become quite the blogger! I just love your posts. They are so entertaining and incredibley witty!

    Speaking of Sock Summit. I feel like I really missed out on some fun. Seems like everyone was there. How amazing it must have been to see Barbara Walker! It's funny that you mention her Tarot cards. I actually first heard of her way before I was a knitter, because a friend had her cards. It's amazing what she's done in her life!

    Talk to you soon! You'd better get busy dealing with those deadlines :)