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Tutorial: The Making of a Magic Ball (with Magic Knots!)

What's a magic ball? It is a ball of yarn that has multiple yarns connected to each other with magic knots! I've been a wee bit obsessed with designing knits that use magic balls for a long time and have a photo tutorial to show you how to make the magic knots I use for joining skeins. If you like learning techniques through video I have a little one of those as well ! Step 1: Choose Your Yarn!  You'll want to use a yarn that isn't too slippery... making a knot and testing it will let you know if your chosen yarn will work with this technique! Step 2: Lay down the two ends you want to join with the tails going in opposite directions. Step 3: Take one end and go underneath the other end to the opposite side. Step 4: Then bring that end back over and lay it across itself . Step 5: Then take that end and go inside the loop you have created to make a overhand knot.

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