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Knit Ireland with Laura Nelkin Sept '22

September 13th – 22nd, 2022 I LOVE Ireland in all seasons, but in September it is particularly spectacular, especially for us knitters. The sights, the history, and the culture will certainly whet your appetite for autumn knitting. This trip includes a special visit to my favorite place on earth, to the Aran Islands, and a slew of educational workshops. I can’t wait to see what inspires each of us!  Day 1: We’ll start our day with a hearty breakfast, and then make our way to Newbridge, in County Kildare, and home to Newbridge Silverware. We’ll visit the Museum of Style Icons, and then the National Irish Stud and Japanese Gardens. After this busy afternoon, we’ll head to Kilkenny where we’ll make our home for the next three nights.  Day 2: We’ll breakfast at our B&B, and then head off to Zwartbles Irish Sheep Farm where we’ll be hosted by Susanna Crampton who, along with her family, breeds Zwartbles sheep. (It goes without saying that we’ll have the opportunity to add some of

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