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I-Cord Knit Tool: Everything You Need To Know

Let's rewind to last November. It’s a Friday night, I'm cozied up on the couch with a glass of wine in hand, knit-flixing while mindlessly scrolling on my phone. Suddenly a video pops up featuring someone’s hands wielding an intriguing tool I had never seen before. Cue the gasp heard 'round the living room! I just had to find out what the deal was with this mystery gizmo. Lo and behold, it was an I-Cord tool! Here’s the  original video that got me hooked (pardon the pun). With my curiosity piqued, I shared it, asking if anyone knew what it was called, or where I could get one. Naturally, I had to get my hands on every single one of them to see what all the fuss was about. Fast forward two weeks , and there I was, surrounded by a growing collection of I-Cord makers. Being the DIY enthusiast that I am, I couldn't resist the urge to make one myself. So, this winter armed with polymer clay, latch hooks, and a trusty pair of bolt cutters, I created my very own I-Cord tool.

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