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A Lucet For Knitters (with Beads!)

One of my favorite things about my Lola’s Choice kit club is the opportunity to design small, fun, and satisfying projects. I love when a unique tool or technique comes into my life and inspires me to start incorporating different ideas into my work. This particular tool - the lucet - was first introduced to me at NYS Sheep and Wool many moons ago. I’ve held onto it in the back of my mind as a great project for Lola’s Choice. Eventually the right yarn and the right beads came together and Luceta was born. A lucet, also known as a knitting fork, is a tool used to make a strong, square and slightly springy cord or braid. This tool has been traced back to the Vikings, who used it to create cords for use in clothing during the Medieval period. I use two different kinds of Lucet stitches in this pattern to create a cord that doesn’t twist. Before you jump right into this project, you’re going to want to grab some scrap yarn and watch the video below.  It takes a little bit of practic

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