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Waste Not, Want Not: Baking with Sourdough Discard

Have you tried baking sourdough yet?  A dear friend of mine started exploring sourdough baking a few winters ago and when I visited her we would demolish her baked goods. Sarah explained the sourdough process to me in detail and I quickly became obsessed. Being a great friend, Sarah shared her starter with me, which I promptly killed. Image from King Arthur Flour Fast forward a year or two and my knitting buddy Laurel sent me some of her starter to try again.  After reading about how to care for this new member of the family (I call my starter "Laurel" in her honor), I started experimenting with different bread recipes.  Although my first loaves were coming out ok, I wasn’t super excited about them.  Luckily there is an incredible bakery right here in Trumansburg that teaches classes on the art of sourdough baking (as well as baking pastries, pretzels, and even how to start your own bakery!). People travel from all over the country to take classes at Wide Awake Bakery by t

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