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Twistola: A Warm Hug For Your Head

I love when I finally get to share a design that I’ve been secretly enjoying for many months. In this case, that’s Twistola !   Twistola is a squishy cabled headband that keeps your ears warm AND stays on your head. Thanks to a clever cable “pocket” that gently encapsulates your ears, this winter accessory is the perfect marriage of form and function. Knit in the uber soft and breathable Danish yarn, Snefnug, Twistola is like a warm hug for your head.  This pattern was first released for January’s Lola’s Choice kit club (my small knitted kit club). The kit contains the pattern, and all the raw materials you need to make the design. And as always, my kits also include some special goodies just for you! This month members received a tigers eye cable/stitch marker (made by yours truly), along with a coconut cookie from Emmy’s Organics.  Emmy’s Organics is a company that’s local to the Ithaca area. Owners Samantha and Ian have grown this company into an international brand, but would

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