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Creating the Perfect Bead Mix for your Knits

Let’s unravel the magic of bead mixes, explore their beady beauty, and showcase some bead-iful projects that will leave you inspired to create your own sparkling masterpieces! Crafting the Perfect Bead Mix First things first, let's figure out what a bead mix is all about. In short, a bead mix is a combination of beads, curated to complement each other and add a touch of pizzazz to a knitted piece.  Let me walk you through my process and show you the art of mixing beads! My favorite bead mixes contain Japanese seed beads, a blend of Miyuki, Matsuno, and Toho, and are a mixture of about 75% Size 6, 20% Size 8 Delica, and 5% Size 8!  Size 8 Delica beads have about 32 beads/gram, Size 8 beads have 40 beads/gr, and Size 6 beads have 12 beads/gram. Size 6 and 8 seed beads are round, and the Delica beads are perfect little cylinders.I use bead mixes mostly on fingering weight yarn. If I use just Size 6 beads things get heavy way too quickly (I like to keep my bead weight WAY less than

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