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Meet Lola: Laura's Alter Ego

The story of Lola Everyone needs a fun excuse to be a little wacky, a bit sassy, or perhaps a tad eccentric. When things go awry, I suggest you blame it on your alter ego; everyone should have one. And that's where Lola comes in for me- she’s my alter-ego. Allow me to share her story… The Birth of Lola Lola isn’t just your typical alter ego. She didn't burst forth from my imagination in a single moment of inspiration. Instead, she evolved gradually, stitch by stitch, giggle by giggle, and emerged with (more than) a touch of sarcasm. It all began back in my college days. My friends would say they knew that when I let my hair down it was going to be a wild night. That's when Lola's spirit was born, this new side of me, although she didn't have a name just yet.  One fateful evening, I leaned down and gave a goodnight kiss to my friend's young son before heading out to paint the town red. He couldn't quite pronounce "Laura," and in his adorable at

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