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Knit! Spain 2024

SOLD OUT!!! SIGN UP FOR MY MAILING LIST to hear about future adventures!!! Transport yourself to two of the most magical and storied cities in Europe for an unforgettable knitting adventure in Spain November 9th -18th, 2024. This experience takes you from the passionate energy of Madrid to the charm of Barcelona, all while giving you a yummy sampling of the local culture. I mean, who doesn't want to make espadrilles in Barcelona WHILE drinking Cava??? Or stay at a mountain monastery with a spa??? Or visit the Wooldreamers mill??? Or end our adventure with a full weekend with the knitters of Europe at Barcelona Knits Festival??? Over 10 extraordinary days, this Spanish knitting adventure transports you between the vibrant energy of Madrid and the cosmopolitan charm of Barcelona. Highlights include celebrating Madrid's Feast of the Almudena festival, bargain hunting at the legendary El Rastro flea market, and learning to make authentic tapas. After visiting the Woo

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