A little bit o' everything!

I'm fresh from a long weekend, well not actually fresh, cause I always stay up too late when left to my own devices and then when I have to get up at the crack of dawn for the school bus again I'm a bit bleary for the rest of the week; it's my cross to bear that I perk up around 10 pm!

First off, I'm going to Maryland this weekend:  My dear friend "Jay-Lo" is having a baby shower on Saturday. On Sunday I'll be teaching Migrations at Woolwinders and having a Schaefer Yarn "Petting Zoo" afterwards.  It's all sold out and I am really looking forward to meeting all the knitters there!  Hopefully my Squammie BFF Betz will be able to pop over in the eve for a visit!

Number Two: I did LOTS of knitting this weekend, see?

From right to left in clockwise direction: Tiny Shoe (see info below),  Beaded Cable Cuff (no edging or clasp yet) , New Design (with secret NEW Schaefer yarn...)

Number Three:  These are for my dear friend's baby shower this weekend, I'm just hoping she doesn't read my blog regularly... so Jen, if you are, STOP!!!! and don't scroll down anymore! 

About to be released Walking Spiral Socks (there's a super cute cap in the set too!)

I bought Whimiscal Knits from her at TNNA last June and finally got to make something from it!

Finally, my friend, and editor, Kara, is getting together a blog tour for her new book It's in the Bag... get in touch with her if you think you might want to take part!


  1. sweet pics! love the teeny tiny shoe and cannot wait to hear about the new yarn... the color looks awesome!