It's been quite sometime since I've released a new pattern with beads.  I've had Eventide up my sleeve for quite a while and since TNNA is later this week and I'll be debuting the pattern there I figured you all should get to see it first!

Eventide is seriously one of my favorite beaded scarves ever!  Eventide is based an an incredibly easy 6 stitch "cross stitch" pattern.  It is made by working double yarnovers that add length to your stitches so they float and appear to be woven not knitted.  My inner weaver loves this!  Size 8 beads are used on each end of the scarf creating an arrow of bling!  The pattern includes lots of info on working with beads, including: stringing beads, purling and knitting with beads, working yarn-overs with beads, and more.

Eventide is knit in Schaefer's newest yarn Audrey in Elena Piscopia.  I am seriously smitten with this yarn! We only had a few skeins when we first got it milled and I immediately put my name on this one. Audrey is a single ply, fingering weight, 50% wool/ 50% cultivated silk blend that feels like air to work with.  I was definitely careful with how many beads I strung onto this yarn as I did not want to cause it to bloom as I slide them down.  The beads give Eventide a lovely weight and dimensionality at the ends of the scarf.  (is dimensionality a word?  help?)

You can purchase Eventide from my website or on Ravelry, or from your local yarn store! 

I'm off to TNNA on Wednesday, to teach on Thursday and then be in the Schaefer booth showing (and selling) their yarn and my patterns all weekend long.  I look forward to seeing those of you who will be there, it's one of my favorite events of the year! 


  1. Yes, according to dictionary.com dimensionality is most certainly a word.

  2. its my favorite thing in fashion thanks for sharing this with us. its looking so cool.

  3. Looks great! Have fun at TNNA.

  4. WOW! it rocks!
    how do you come up with all these patterns?
    have fun at TNNA, I'll be working sleeve "swatches" ;)

  5. Gorgeous! I've missed so many of your updates whilst off in holiday frenzy land and then back to work frenzy land. So glad to see you're doing well!