Brickhouse a New Way!

Do you remember Brickhouse?  

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I wore it all fall and winter but I decided the fiber (Schaefer's Heather) was too heavy for spring/summer wear and that I really wanted one in a lighter fabric.  So, I bribed my friend Ginny, with yarn (of course!), to make me one with Schaefer's Audrey.  I gave her two new colors that are debuting at TNNA later in June.  The bricks are done in Irene Sendler, and the mortar in Spruce.  It's important when choosing colors for Brickhouse that they contrast with each other so that the bricks don't get lost in the mortar.  These two colors won't be available for a bit, but I am SO excited about how it came out I had to share with you!  Plus, I got my buddy Caitlin to take the pics and I got to accessorize with her AWESOME purple plastic purse, don't you want one just like it?