We just got back from a week on the road visiting friends (Baltimore area) and family (NYC).  I am so happy to be settling back in!

A few highlights of our week away:
1. This baby, which has, count them, THREE ELBOW PITS, she is the most amazing cheerful little (that might not be the right word for her) child.  I adore her!

2.  When I wasn't munching on her arm and giggling with her about our various secrets we ate, drank, swam, and knitted all holiday weekend long.  It was lovely!

3.  Once in NYC we went to see South Pacific with my Mom, it was an amazing performance (though maybe not so appropriate for my 10yo).  The costumes were stunning, set perfect and acting, dancing and singing thoroughly engaging... perhaps it is my dirty little secret that I really enjoy Broadway shows.  

4. We ate at my fav Chinese restaurant, Shun Lee.  I really do love Ithaca, but not it's Chinese food, so whenever I travel I seek out the good stuff!  

5.  I had a lovely tea with Melissa of NeoKnits, it was a wonderful meeting of the minds and I look forward to more such sessions with her.

6.  The Dead or Alive exhibit at the Museum of Art and Design.  I couldn't decide what I liked more, the rhinestone encrusted antlers, or the loom with fabric made from mouse fur harvested from owl pellets.  (Yeah, kinda gross, but the fabric was STUNNING, almost like men's suiting.)

7. The luck of lunching right next to a Samsung Flagship store, so when Knitty went live I could bop over and use their ginormous flat-screen FREE internet terminals to do my thing for Mythos!  (only in NYC....)

8. A visit to Kinokuniya where my girl bought cute erasers, and I bought a gorgeous crochet pattern book that I can't read as it doesn't have any explanations of the charts and it's all in Japanese.  (l love it anyway!)

9. My favorite dinner of pierogies and borscht and Veselka, followed by a lovely evening at Barge Music... it was so eerie as the barge is in water and we swayed with the east river while the musicians played.

10. Brunch with my dear friend Connie and her hubby Maurizio, we had so much to chat about and only a few hours... I think we were still talking as I went down the subway stairs!

All in all, such a good week, that on the bus home I (gasp) ran out of knitting.....and I was in the mood to cook dinner again!


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