Mythos- The Mythological Sweater

Welcome! (and Welcome Back! to those of you who have been here before)
I'd like to introduce you to my new favorite sweater: Mythos.  This sweater is the brain child of Amy, Gillian and myself.  Designed to be your go-to, grab it, just in case I get chilly, don't want to show all of my body in that tank top, I need to cover my butt kind of sweater.... 
Mythos is side to side worked with fingering weight yarn at a gauge of 18 sts and 24 rows, so it is a sweater that is lightweight BUT works up quickly.  I chose Schaefer's Audrey, a yarn I cannot stop working with.  Audrey is a hardy single ply wool/silk.  Normally I would hesitate to use a single ply for a sweater (and I did) but the silk content in Audrey really holds the ply together.  The resulting fabric is superbly soft and light, delicate to the touch without actually being delicate at all!

I have a larger size off with a model knitter and will post photos and recommendations on fit when it gets here... so excited to share that version with you, so PLEASE come back, won't you?  Also, I have plans to share a tutorial on kitchener stitch.  I am one of those crazy knitters who actually LOVES to kitchener stitch! I really enjoy the rhythm of it and hope to pass my love of it along to you...

You can see gobs more photos of Mythos on Ravelry or on Flickr.  Please post your versions (and let me know about them) as you get knitting.  I'm also thinking of starting a KAL in the Nelkin Designs group on Ravelry, anybody in?



  1. Laura, I don't remember the last time a sweater pattern grabbed me like this one has. What a wonderful design! I was going to be good and stay home from the sale, but it looks like I'll be visiting Hickory tomorrow to stock up on Audrey.

  2. So gorgeous Laura! My favorite new sweater, hands down!

  3. congratulations on what is sure to be another hit! i've already queued it =)

  4. That is so amazingly beautiful!

  5. Laura! The sweater is magnifique!!!
    (whisper)I, too, love Kitchener stitiching!

  6. Thanks Everyone! I am so thrilled you all love it! I just can't wait for the weather to cool down a bit so I can wear it!

  7. When my search for the perfect light & drapey summer cardigan proved to be completely fruitless in stores/online, I decided to make one for myself ... but the last time I scoured all of ravelry's patterns I couldn't find one that resembled the easy but elegant cardi in my head. I came back today to try again, and voila! Here it is! I'm doubly glad because now I've also found this wonderful blog. I'll be sure to post pics on ravelry when I knit it up! Thanks so much for this lovely pattern.

  8. I am mentally searching my stash for this one. Nice post.

  9. Love the sweater! What a perfect weight and shape.

    PS - I'll kitchener with you anytime.

  10. A really lovely and stunning design! Can't wait to get my hands and needles free for this one. I love the colour you chose, it looks like a tender, breezy day at my favourite beach.Thanks a lot for sharing!
    And I've already taken al liking to your blog, so I surely be back.