Winterlude- The Pattern

Do you remember my Olympic Challenge and how it got it's name?  and how I had days I didn't think I would make it?  Well I did finish it on time, and the pattern is finally ready to release.  I was hesitating releasing a pattern that is so clearly inspired by winter, but I decided that it is SO darn hot out right now that we all need a little something to remind us of the COLD!  It's really the perfect time of year for lace and beads!!!!
Winterlude in Schaefer Yarn's Audrey in Natural

Winterlude in Schaefer Yarn's Audrey in Peter

Winterlude is worked from the bottom up in an offset lace and cable pattern on a ribbed base.  Once you get the hang of this stitch pattern it is easy to follow.  Increases are worked at the beginning of each row,  so that the triangle grows with each horizontal repeat worked.  (a similar construction to Entomology)  As with all my designs the lace pattern is both charted and written out.

The edging is a "really cool loopy i-cord edging" with optional beads.  I spent a wee bit too much time finding an edging I liked and almost didn't make it to the finish line.   In the end I am thrilled with what I came up with.  For those of you who know my designs I really can't get enough of attached i-cord edging.


You can purchase Winterlude on my website, from your local yarn store, or on Ravelry.

Thanks so much to Colleen for knitting the Peter version, to Donna for test knitting, and to Joan for tech editing... what would I do without you ladies?


  1. What a gorgeous shawl! It looks like the perfect weight for a cold Wisconsin winter. Thank you!

  2. I read this lovely post this morning & didn't even notice! Still clearly lacking sleep.