Introducing Centrino:

Centrino is a giant doily, based on a few vintage patterns I found and adore!  I’m not a doily person, neither lacey nor frilly, but the lure to begin something that starts out quite wee and grows into an abundant orb could not be refused. This project is addictive from start to finish. I loved the simple act of working around, and around, slowly building out.  The pattern shifts slightly but not so drastically that you are forced to hide away to “learn” your next repeat. 

photo thanks to LilLadyBug
Early last Summer Amy Swenson (or Indigirl) asked me to design a shawl for the September shipment of her Year of Lace club. I was honored and decided it was the perfect opportunity to delve into my love of knitting in the round and lace.  I pulled out my beloved EZ Knitter's Almanac and devoured the chapter on knitting shawls in the round.  (FYI- this was July, the perfect travel knitting month) I then jumped right in, working the first repeat with it's increases.  When that repeat was done I designed the next one... it was so fun thinking and wondering what the next design motif would be.  And I must say a wee bit stressful as I started to wonder if I'd have enough yarn for the bound off edge.  I even borrowed a scale from a vendor in the middle of Sock Summit to be sure I had enough... living on the edge, seriously!
centrino_red1 With the help of Becca there are two versions of Centrino... the first one I did for Year of Lace was done with 2 skeins of Schaefer Anne, the second one that Becca knit for me was knit at the same gauge as the Anne version but with a lovely sport weight superwash merino, silk, milk fiber blend. I love that the same shawl worked with varying weights of yarn can have such a dramatically different feel.
You can see more pictures, get detailed information and purchase Centrino here or on Ravelry here.  There are already a fair number of projects done with Schaefer Anne on Ravelry so you'll get to see other people's versions as well!Remember, this is the 4th of the six new patterns I am releasing, one a week for six weeks.  Use the coupon code TimetoKnit at checkout to buy 2 get one free on all new patterns.  (see details here)

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