It's time for a Cowl!

Have you noticed that cowls are everywhere this fall?  I designed Listado Cowl last year for Circular Knitting Redefined, and the copyright has reverted back to me just in time!
Listado Cowl is sized two ways, a little neck warmer, and an elegant whole head covering; either way this is a fast and simple ribbed lace cowl worked entirely in the round!  Once you get the hang of the 4-round stitch repeat it is smooth sailing. The stitch is comprised of alternating sections of stockinette stitch and matched increases and decreases that create the lace ribbing.  The stitch pattern is the same for both sizes, it is just worked over more stitches for the larger cowl.  
The best part is that I was able to get 1 large and 1 small cowl out of one skein of Schaefer's Heather, or three small cowls... this means you can make one for you, and one or two as gifts!  The small cowl takes around 130 yards, and the large one around 260 yards.  This cowl is a serious stash buster for your finger weight leftovers!

Remember, this is the 2nd of the six new patterns I am releasing, one a week for six weeks.  Use the coupon code TimetoKnit at checkout to buy 2 get one free on all new patterns.  (see details here)


  1. I NEED THIS! omg, perfect for teacher gifts and I wear cowls all winter since I hate fussing with scarf ends.
    must knit now.

  2. Boy, I really like both the large and the small sizes. I guess if you can get both out of one hank, one doesn't have to choose! ;p

  3. Lovely photos of your cowl and Diana.

  4. Those are both beautiful. I've noticed a prevalence of cowls too and you've inspired me. Thanks!