Weaverknits and Bohus in one weekend?

This weekend held two big treats for me... a girl could get used to this!  
On Friday Ann Weaver of Weaver Knits came out to Schaefer to visit and show me her new book, Craft Work Knit (yes, I got a copy, it is the awesome!).  I've been a fan of Ann's patterns for quite a bit and it was such a joy to get to meet the person behind all that knitwear.  Ann's aesthetic is funky and clear and it was oh so much fun to pick her brain (and let mine be picked).  Meeting designers and delving into the world of designing and publishing with them is a blast.  On Saturday I stopped by Knitting Etc for a long visit and got to see many of her samples in person.  
I think her little Le Mans jacket is enough for me to want to have another baby... almost.  Of course, I forgot to take any pics, but Ann gave me permission to use the ones above, thanks Ann!

On Sunday, I went to the Johnson Art Museum at Cornell for a lecture and workshop on Bohus Stickning given by Suzette Newbury.  I have been smitten by the pieces that came out of Bohus Stickning, a design studio/knitting cooperative in Gothenberg, Sweden  for quite some time.  Having the luxury to sit and listen to a lecture helped me understand so much more about the history and process behind these stunning sweaters and accessories.  I am in awe of Emma Jacobson, a woman who while she created work and income for rural families also managed to create a new tradition.  I never realized that among the intense stranded colorwork done at 9 sts to the inch there were also combinations of purl and knit sts that lead to the incredible depth that their patterns have. Maybe one day when I retire I can get a kit and have time to knit it!  
Suzette was an engaging and knowledgable speaker, with a wealth of information and AMAZING samples to fondle.  The space we were in in the museum was "epic" with a full view of Cayuga Lake and it's surrounded hills in full fall foliage. 
And here's something to write home about:  I am speaking in the same space at the Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University on Tuesday November 16th for their lunch time Fiber Series.  We'll be discussing my design process and looking at samples of my work, and my inspiration in an informal round table environment... I'm looking forward to it, but to be frank am a wee bit nervous about being asked to speak at my alma matter! (and I have to admit, right after I got asked, I did write home and tell my Mom ALL about it : )!)

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