Last Minute Gifting: Dulce de Leche

Need any last minute gifts? Well, I did (since we might have eaten a few too many of the caramels) and I decided to whip up some Dulce de Leche. It is scary easy, super inexpensive, and a great conversation piece, what could be better?
6 mini-cans Sweetened Condensed Milk 
(I found mine in the Latin American section of my grocery store.... you can also use bigger cans, the small ones were just too cute!)
A Crockpot
Paper Towel
Kraft Paper
To Make:
1.  Take the labels off all the cans.
2.  Place a few papertowels into the bottom of your crockpot.
3.  Place cans on top of the papertowel and fill with water so that they are completely immersed.
4.  Cover crock-pot and cook for 8 hours on low.
5.  Take cans out of crockpot, and let cool.
Make labels! I used kraft paper and followed Maya's directions for printing on it. Then I used my girl's sticker maker, which I secretly covet to apply them.  You could, though, use a glue stick or other strong glue!

It's that easy... go ahead, you know you want to make some "cooked cans" too!


  1. Errrr I've never heard of this stuff before but I'm up dor giving it a go....

    Look out shops here I come...

  2. Fascinating! I have to try that one day.

  3. this is an awesome idea! I just saw this on pinterest and was like wow, this person must have a super cool canning machine at home :) This is way easier.