Petite Purls Winter

Oh my, have you seen the latest Petite Purls?  It's enough to make me want another bambino... almost!  This summer I developed a lovely e-mail/twitter friendship with Allegra from Petite Purls and she asked me if I'd like to design a little something for their winter edition... how could I refuse?  I immediately opted for making leg warmers as they weren't something I thought of when my girl was little and I wish I had!  How perfect to be able to encase her little sausage legs in an extra layer of warmth while she crawled around our log cabin's cold floors.... ah, those were the days!

Introducing:  Leg Ups! 
Made with two coordinating colors (Indigo and Thistle) of Schaefer Yarn's newest yarn Chris; a worsted weight superwash that is perfect for high use applications... like leg warmers, of course!  The brioche stitch with it’s ribbed elasticity and dimensionality is perfect for these super simple leg warmies. Once you get the stitch pattern set up they were super fast and fun to knit on the go.  If you have questions on working the brioche stitch take a look at the queen of brioche, Nancy Marchant's website... all of them will be answered, and then some; it's an amazing resource!

A big thanks goes out to Allegra, Brandy, Joan and Colleen (for her SUPER fast model knitting skills)!!!!

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