If I Had More Hands.... II

Remember back last January I said I was starting a series entitled: If I Had More Hands?  Well, it's time for the next installment as I'm deep into multiple lace designs for a secret summer project, working on goodies for Adorn, gardening up a storm, and biking whenever the rain let's up.  So here are a few projects I wish I had more hands for:
Hooded Capelet by Linda Permann in Little Crochet
Alright, I going to admit, the yarn was on sale at Webs, and I might have just bought color 264 to make one for one of my favorite little rabbits, whoops?

Image Copyright Miriam Felton, used with permission!
This got added to the list last night when Miriam released her Chevron Collection.... LOVE it's size and drape, it's the perfect informal scarf!

Modern Tartan by Elizabeth Green Musselman
I just love the colorwork and fit of this man's sweater.  I've got plans to design my honey another sweater and this is certainly some inspiration!

What about you?  Anything you wish you could grow some additional appendages for?


  1. Well I really want to knit the Kira hooded vest for kids - and that WILL happen 'cause it's for a pregnant friend. I never did cast on for the summer cardigan I spent several days planning... I think I'd settled on the Mountain View cardigan pattern.

  2. send the yarn for 2 Rill Scarves, and I'll knit one for you, one for me!


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