A little bit of business... with a Giveaway!

When you are self employed you do it all... and if you don't feel like doing it, it doesn't get done... this week I decided to apply myself to a few things that have been on my list FOREVER!  The end result is this blog post where I share a few changes/updates I've made... you ready?

1.  I FINALLY set up a fan page on Facebook... this is a long time coming, I've had a personal account for quite some time but hadn't gotten around to a fan page.  Not everyone uses Ravelry all the time, and this is another great way to get the word out to you all about what I am up to!  Won't you join us?  I am doing a giveaway to get things going on there... first 300 people to join will be entered to win a copy of Adorn.  Doesn't that make you want to run over there and "like" me?

2. The workshop page on my website has been updated.  Check and see if I am going to be anywhere near you soon!  Want me to come teach at your LYS or guild?  I LOVE traveling to teach, and would be thrilled to share info on my workshops with you!

3.  Have you signed up for my mailing list?  I send out regular monthly chatty newsletters... and everytime I release a pattern FIVE random people from the list are chosen to recieve a copy for free, how's that for motivation?

And because every blog post needs a pic... here's a little sneak peak from a recent photoshoot from my Fall line... it's just not time for the big reveal on this one, but I LOVE how Noche (our GINORMOUS standard poodle) and Caitlin (my model) have the same look in their eyes!


  1. So - I was the 71st person to like you on Facebook :-)

    Haven't checked out the workshops - don't suppose you're going anywhere near Norway...

    Have a nice day!