Lolly Pod!

Thanks so much for all your help yesterday... with all your input it was no problem coming up with a name!
It seems this year that friends and family are breeding all around me... I decided it was time to design a new pattern to celebrate all the new wee babes!  As with most of my baby and toddler knitting I spend a fair amount of time bemoaning the fact that I didn't know how to knit when I had my girl, let's just say that if I knew how to knit my babe would have had one of these... Introducing Lolly Pod!
Lolly Pod is super simple and fun knit. It starts from the top with an easy 9 stitch bobble pattern repeat. Then you just knit around until it's time for the bottom decreases. It doesn't get much simpler than this. The cap is knit just the same way, but from the bottom to the top.
Spud & Chloë generously donated the yarn to me for this design. The sack is made out of Spud & Chloë Sweater in Waterslide, the cap in Spud & Chloë  Fine in Pool. Thanks so much to Susan and Merri for saying "yes" to me when I asked for yarn! It was the perfect choice for this design and I absolutely loved working with it. I even did another version of the sack that is striped in three colors of Spud and Chloe Fine held double.. once that makes it to it's recipient I promise to share pics!
You can read more details about Lolly Pod and purchase it here or on Ravelry here.  There is more info on my projects here.

A huge welcome, congratulations and thankyou to Wendy and family for letting me introduce 2 week old Luke to the world of knitwear modeling, this boy can rock it, don't you think?


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