These last few weeks have been the culmination of lots of hard work all year for my girl.... NYSSMA performances, school concerts, dance recitals and an upcoming school trip! 

Miss B asked me for her own Ribband, to go with an outfit she had in development and I could not refuse. So, she picked out yarn and beads (yes, I let my girl stash dive) and she came up with her own spin on Ribband... striping.  This was done by threading the beads on two at a time of each color.  Of course I made her do the stringing... what kind of mother do you think I am?
Bella's Ribband

Bella's Ribband!
She can't decide if she likes it better as a necklace or a bracelet, luckily it's easy to change your mind and switch it up!
Bella's Ribband!

Many people have started making a posting their own Ribbands on Ravelry and how they like to wear them...  check out Becky's  post!  I love her version!  

When I was at Spring Fling we had a great time brainstorming about other uses for Ribband... one was that you could attach eyeglass holders (like these) to use it as an eyeglass chain, the other is to use it as a lanyard holder for your nametag.  Thinking I might have to try that for TNNA!