A Rust Lovers Dream

Rusty Truck
This weekend I had the last of the photoshoots for new designs I am previewing at TNNA next week.  Thanks to Maya, I learned about my NEW FAVORITE location.... a rust lovers dream filled with old cars, trucks and other ancient automotive wonders.  Everyday I fall more and more in love with this place I call home, how lucky that I have a location like this right around the corner!  (and that I have a model willing to put on MUCK BOOTS for our adventures!)
Rusty Car
Wednesday is June 1st, and I'll be releasing the next Adorn pattern, are you ready?  Want a hint?  You'll need size 6 and size 8 beads, and some fingering weight yarn but don't start stringing yet!


  1. I'll be waiting to see what the new pattern is tomorrow!


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