Butin Collar: Adorn's June Pattern

I know you have all been waiting for it... and here it is:  
Butin Montage

Butin was originally released in Creative Knitting March 2011, and I've been waiting patiently for copyright to revert back to me so I could share it with you!  Butin Collar is knitted jewelry at it's easiest!  Only 8 rows of garter stitch with beads slipped up at the perfect intervals to create a "swag" of texture at the center of your neck.  I used a slide clasp at the back that is virtually undetectable.  One of my favorite things about this design is how incredibly light it is. You hardly feel it on your neck... perfecto!

Butin- Tebaldi

I designed Butin Collar with 20 yards of Schaefer Yarn Audrey... though any fingering weight yarn will do!  It has both size 6 and 8 glass beads that are strategically placed to take advantage of their size differences.

An exciting thing I have done for this design?  There are KITS are available in my new Etsy shop... they contain 20 yards of Schaefer Audrey, 3 grams size 6 glass Miyuki beads, 2 grams size 8 glass Miyuki beads, a dental floss threader, and a slide clasp. Check them out!!!!