And the Winner is....#22!

A merry 4th of July to all that celebrate. We are headed down to the lake with friends for the day.... I'm already to knit dockside, with cherries by my side!

Congratulations Geraldine!  You WON this week's giveaway! I'm so happy the book and yarn are on their way to a happy home with you!

And.... are you waiting for the next pattern in Adorn?  Don't fret, I'm releasing it tomorrow, July 5th and I CAN'T WAIT!


  1. Whatcha doing with the cherries, Laura? Happy Fourth!

  2. Happy 4th & happy summer Laura! Those white cherries are killing me-I grew up way upstate , we waited all year for the Queen Anne's (as we called them) to be in season. yum

  3. Mo- WE ATE THEM... so good! Multiple shindigs this weekend and brought along a basket to each.

    Gale- These are Queen Anne's, and our favorite too, only available for like a week, which is why I bought so many!

  4. Wow! I'm sooo excited to be the winner! This book/blog tour has been a great way for me to see some new-to-me blogs...lots of inspiration out there!

    Thank you so much!
    gerscott at yahoo dot com