A Very Stripey Lolly Pod

Remember when I designed Lolly Pod I said that this was the spring of babies? Well, some friends of mine just had a little girl and I made them this version of Lolly Pod for her to snuggle in: 

I had bits of Spud and Chloe Fine in Calypso, Lipstick and Red Hot, and decided that a stripey version of Lolly Pod was just the thing to welcome this wee one into the world.  Since it was the second Lolly Pod I made I decided to learn how to work jogless stripes just to make the project a bit more interesting to me!  
I ended up loving the ease of working Barber Pole Stripes as described in this post by Grumperina.  The technique was crazy easy AND fun... you have to try it some day!  I worked with stripes with three colors instead of the four she sued in her tutorial and worked a third of the stitches for each color.  Stripes make me happy!  I also really enjoyed this article on knitting jogless stripes if you want to read about it further.

Sorry I don't have any baby pics for you.... this babe lives too far from me to make that a reality!  


  1. It's so cute! I love your color scheme :)

  2. How would I make this exact 'pod'? Buy the instructions for the original blue one you made and just muddle through (lol, sorry Im relatively new to knitting, about 2 years). I love this version and 6 bucks is definitely worth it! Please let me know.

  3. Aw thanks! It was really easy, I used 3 colors fo spud and chloe FINE held doubled and follwed the pattern for Lolly Pod, just make sure you get gauge! Start with the pink for the bobble portion, and when you finish that, then start to stripe the body of the pod. I used 2 stripes of red for every 1 stripe of blue and pink, so knit 18 with red, 18 with blue, 18 with red and 18 with pink. Then continue around using the barber pole tutorial from Grumperina... so easy and I agree, CUTE!