Upcoming Workshops and Retreats!

I'm just back from the perfect weekend in Mount Morris, NY teaching a lovely a group of knitters everything (almost) that I know about knitting with beads and lace.  I know I say it again and again, but I feel so LUCKY that I get to call this work! 
Entomology Workshop at Mount Morris
Knitter's at the Livingston Arts Center, working hard on Entomology
Youngest Student EVER!
Meet Zoe, my youngest student EVER.... she has that look on her face 'cause the lace was a little hard for her! (Her mom did great!)
Traveling to teach knitting workshops is one of my favorite parts of  this job I have created for myself!  I've got some great classes lined up for the spring... is one of them near you?  I'd love to get to meet "in real life", as they say!

March 16 - 18- Yarn Cupboard Winter Retreat- Syracuse, NY-
Advanced Lace with Beads, Knitting Jewelry with Beads, and Eventide
w/ Jill Draper, Cal Patch, Sharon McMahon, Sandi Wiseheart, Beth Coye, Jennifer Vancalar, Shannon Adams, Lisa Merian
       This weekend is sure to be a blast as we spend 48 hours knitting, chatting, eating and laughing together... I do look forward to meeting some of these lovely ladies, I might just go "fan" girl on a few of them : )!

April 20 - 21 st- Webs- Northhampton, MA-
Advanced Lace with Beads
and Butin Collar
        I CANNOT wait to visit this "mecca" of yarn and share my passion with their knitters!  This would be a great overnight for any of you on the east coast who have been waiting to take a class with me.... and we can shop together too!

May 5 - 6- Kitchener/Waterloo Knitting Guild- Kitchener, ONT-
Knitting Jewelry with Beads, and Eventide, Speaking, Tuesday May 8th
          I am beyond honored to be asked to teach and speak to the Kitchener Guild.. this is one of those gigs that  keep having to pinch myself about!  (A super big plus is that I finally get to go to Toronto, visit friends, AND go bead shopping!)
You can see a full listing of my workshops on my website.  I try to keep this up-to-date, so check back if you want to see if I'll be in your area OR if you think your LYS/guild would enjoy having me get in touch for information!  This is a full schedule for me as I find traveling more than once a month that takes me away from my family and design work more than I enjoy.  One of the lovely things about being my own boss is that I get to make company policies (and break them too!)


  1. we had fun at Mt Morris, too!
    great weekend, love seeing S&Z modeling their hats!

  2. Laura, your posts make me desperately wish that I knew how to knit! Someday I will learn, and then I can come take one of your awesome classes.

    I have awarded you with The Versatile Blogger Award because I love your blog :) For more info, check out my post: http://mdoublemcrafts.blogspot.com/2012/02/versatile-blogger-award.html

    Have a great day,
    Monica (Nash) Morelli