Mudra: June's Adorn Anew Pattern!

Ready for June's Adorn Anew pattern? Introducing Mudra!
Mudra Necklace
Mudra Necklace is created by taking an I-cord that has beads slipped up in between the cord’s stitches (just like Mudra Cuff) and hooking it through a pendant with a half hitch knot. The beaded sections have smaller size 8 beads surrounding a larger accent bead.
Mudra Necklace
I'm sure you are wondering about the donut I found... just like Beignet I used a 2 inch shawl ring from Jul designs. This handcrafted Balinese ring one is made with slices of cinnamon stick that have been fused to a wood base with resin. A bonus? The ring actually smells a bit spicy : )!
Mudra Necklace
Of course I think one of the fun things about the patterns in Adorn Anew is seeking out your own supplies to make a truly unique creation BUT, you know what? For those of you who would rather have me get it all together for them I have NEW KITS for both Mudra and Mudra Cuff!!!! Read more about them here!  Kits have started shipping out to stores this week, and they will be debuting at TNNA later this month, I've also stocked the Etsy shop as well....

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