A Wee Distraction....

I feel like I've been quieter than normal here... and that's not because I'm out riding my bike and eating ice cream.  TNNA is in two weeks, and I'm having a booth for the first time!  This means there is a glimmer of insanity in my eyes... I'm actually on schedule, but there is alot to be done to get my new booth design in shape. There have been trips to Lowe's, Ikea, and AC Moore, and I've been playing with decals, mod podge, glitter paint, duct tape and canvas prints. I'm definitely having a crafty good time!

So, while I keep my head to the grindstone can I distract you with a few random things?

1. There is mini interview of me on the Craftsy blog today.... want to know the 3 things I need on a desert island? (I forgot to mention the cabana boy... whoops!)

2. I am a bit obsessed with making oatmeal smoothies... off to get more ingredients today!

3. Also, these egg boats are on the menu for this week... our CSA has started so eggs and greens abound.  I am going to make them with caramelized onions, chard, and herbs.

4. Laura Chau released a new collection of sweaters, Afternoon Tea, that I adore...

5. My favorite bag maker, Namaste has a new color!  Any guess what I'll be coming home with from TNNA?

Oh, wait, you need a photo, don't you?  Spumante, my new beaded shawl, is releasing next week!  Want a sneak peek?


  1. I'm going to have to try those smoothies, and the refrigerator oatmeal, too. You're an enabler, you know that?;-)

  2. That is an amazing shawl.. it is elegant and understated. THe beads really add some style to the knit. Great job