Hot Chocolate on a Stick!

'Tis the season for making in our house!!  My girl and I always crank out some yummies to have a sweet way to say "THANKYOU" as we head into the New Year... I have a feeling we aren't alone in this tradition!
The last few years we have made salted dark chocolate caramels, and though I know people would still be quite happy to receive those we were ready to make something new! While out and about a few weeks ago we saw "Hot Chocolate on a Stick" and decided to try our hands it... basically what you are looking at is a piece of EXCELLENT dark chocolate fudge, that you melt in a mug of hot milk! Or coffee?... mocha anyone?
We worked with this recipe and used bittersweet chocolate as I didn't want them to get overly sweet since we were adding a candy cane stirrer! 
Packing was surprisingly easy... sometimes this is the part of gifting that stumps me! We just used red aluminum muffin tins to put the fudge squares into, then peeled back the plastic from the bottom of the candy cane and shoved it down in there.  Then we cut the top off of plastic sandwich bags and used the bottom to bag it up, and tied it off with a piece of ribbon and homemade printed tag!

All in all this was affordable, fast, fun to make, and YUMMY, we kept all the trimmings from the edge of the block for our drinking/eating pleasure! Mmmmmmmm......

Have a happy holiday season!


  1. so freakin brilliant!! dat's why I let u hang around with me ;) and love the tags!

    1. And I thought you loved me for my yarn... : )! Thanks!

  2. ooh, this looks So good! what a clever idea, and the candy cane just makes it perfect. Awesome!

  3. Okay, these sound seriously delightful!

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  5. I would like to say Satin Ribbon is a good choice for wrapping these cakes.