Moonkoosa's for my girl....

Well, Hanukkah came early this year and it's a family tradition to light the menorah and exchange small gifts on the first night.
So when I saw Tiny Owl Knits Moonkoosa Boots this summer I KNEW that was the PERFECT present for my girl.  Luckily she loves them... so much that it took me a bit to pry them off her feet to felt them!  Next up is adding a sole, I know they won't last as long without one!
Our old lady has a habit of photobombing....
I added details to my Ravelry project page in case you need to run out and make some too.  They were so fast and fun to knit.... I'm thinking my Father In Law needs a short pair for around the house!  The look on his face Christmas eve will be priceless : )!


  1. def gift your fil and post a pic! they look awesome and fit her perfectly!


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