Winners... and a heads up!

Happy Tuesday!  If you live in the US you are probably gearing up for Thanksgiving like we are... I'm thrilled to not be traveling and we are keeping it simple and making salmon and gnocchi. (I've been watching this class on Craftsy and feel ready!)

I know it's not traditional, but we aren't big meat eaters so I've never taken to making a turkey which is rather freeing when it comes to Thanksgiving menu planning!  The salmon will be served with fresh cranberry relish, the gnocchi will get a wild mushroom sauce, there will be shaved brussel sprouts (my fav!) for a veg and we'll top it off with Miss B's pumpkin pie!

Over the weekend we made these rolls and my girl and honey were discussing how amazing they would be stuffed with chocolate and topped with cinnamon sugar.... so those might be added to the desert menu, or maybe for breakfast?

So, I've got two winners to announce:
First up, the winner of Hunter Hammerson's new book Curls (which I reviewed last week) is Goodstuff.

Next, we had a great Magmatic BOOM KAL in my Ravelry group and all Boom's finished by November 21st were eligible to win this awesome prize:
From Left to Right- 1 skein of Dream in Color Jilly Lace in Carolina,
skein Dream in Color Wisp in Scorched Lime,
skein Miss Babbs Yummy Toes in Perfectly Wreckless, 1 skein Shibui Staccato in Velvet
Congrats go to Thecatisfelting for her stunning Michigan Magmatic BOOM in Fiber Optic Swamp Muck... I love how you chose your bead colors to gradiate (is that a word?) in the other direction!
I just have to share a few more Magmatic Boom's as they all came out so uniquely!  You can see them all on Ravelry, but here's a few to whet your appetite:
Clockwise from Top Left, Magmatic Boom's by: Sietsma, DonnaMaReed, LKGervitz, JHWeis, Pajara, JanHick's
Karen and Brenda get in touch with me to claim your prizes! Congrats!

In case any of you are in the New Jersey region, I just announced TWO new events the weekend of December 5th!  I'll be at Chelsea Yarns on Dec 5th and 6th, and at Close Knit on December 7th.  I can't wait to see Chelsea for the first time (I've heard it's GREAT!) and see Close Knit's new location!

Oh, and keep an eye on the blog Thursday night... I'll be announcing a kind sorta big sale in my Etsy shop as a Thankyou for helping support me through this super fun, crazypants year (plus a Craftsy sale as well).

I'm off to exercise... I'm trying to be proactive about the weekend's eating activities!

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  1. Sounds like you have wonderful Thanksgiving plans! One of our favorite recent Thanksgiving was Dim Sum ... This year, we are funding most of the Thanksgiving dinner, but my younger Brother it's hosting & cooking ... We're bringing regular cider & really good hard cider. Happy Thanksgiving!