A Lisette B6168

I've had a little bee in my bonnet to work on my hand made wardrobe and after making my coat I took a long break, but I think I am right back to it!

When I saw this Lisette dress release early this spring I knew I wanted to give it a try. I ended up choosing a linen rayon blend that was maybe a tiny bit too heavy, but was really easy to sew/work with. I knew it would be harder for me to get the tailored look I wanted if I chose a lighter fabric. I'm totally happy with my choice, and IT IS YELLOW... and I LOVE YELLOW DRESSES!
It isn't easy for me to find tailored off the rack clothes as my shoulders are short and puny. I played by the rules and made a bodice muslin of the smallest size, which fit in the shoulder, but not in the waist. I made another one keeping the shaping/size in the shoulder area but grading up to the next size for the waist/bust and that worked out better than expected! The more I sew the more the pattern drafting skills I learned in college are coming back to me.
I adore the fitted cap sleeves and that little tab at the front, and how this dress makes me look like I have girls without a hint of cleavage.
The other major change I made to this pattern (besides shortening it a few inches) was to take out 4 inches of width in the back.... it looked like I had a bustle, and there was just a little too much fabric enhancing my booty. That was easily taken out before putting in the zipper.
Unfortunately this dress doesn't quite go with the sweater I just finished for its photoshoot, BUT no worries, I've got another style already cut out and ready to sew. I have to have that ready for TNNA, in two weeks, but I can do it! (I hope... send coffee!)


Many Hands Halli

I know I constantly gush about the amazing community that is my Ravelry group... but I'm about to do it again! Last spring a group got together and knitted for me... it was amazing, I was speechless.

A conversation that came out of that group knitting project was how fun it was to do a round-robin knit with friends from all over the world. So, a plan started hatching to create an opportunity for everyone to knit together again....

Fast forward a few months, Knockout Knits was releasing and it had THE PERFECT pattern to be knit round robin style: Halli Shawl! This beaded top down, semi circular shape was easy to break up into sections. I was SUPER busy in the fall and after helping come up with the plan for the KAL with Justine and Jennifer I sat on the sidelines and watched the yarn choosing and knitting commence!   Justine had the awesome idea that the person who would receive the final shawl would be the one to choose the yarn (and optional beads) so they would end up with a shawl in a color combination they would wear.
At the end of the swap there were 28 Halli's made by knitters all over the world; in China, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, New Zealand, Mexico, the UK, Canada and the US. Every Halli had four separate pairs of needles work on it! I heard tales of goodies traveling from house to house, as the Halli's were worked on. Some Halli's traveled thousands and thousands of miles, almost circumnavigating the globe... so cool! The chatter in the Ravelry group was fierce, and fun, and sometimes a little nerve wracking as we waited for the SLOW Mexican postal service to get it's act together and deliver Ana Cecilia her knitting!

The finished Halli's are STUNNING... you can see them all here, but let me show you a few to give you an idea of what an incredible KAL this was!
Lakshmi07's Halli
LKGervitz's Halli
PrayerKnitter's Halli
RachBall's Halli
There was even a whole crew who knit along as Solo Sisters.... just look at Crystal's Halli... STUNNING!
Knitter5319's Halli
HUGE thanks to all who organized and participated in Many Hands Halli! (with an extra hug for Jennifer and Justine, as it would not have come together without you!!!! xoxo)