Ducenti Mystery KAL revealed!

Do you know how hard it is to wait to show you my finished Mystery KAL's? I hinted when I released sign-ups for Ducenti MKAL that it was one of my favorite thongs (ahem, shawls) I have ever designed and I finally get to show mine to you!
 Y'all learned a ton with Ducenti:
1. Lace Cast On
2. Beaded Attached I-Cord
3. German Short Rows
4. More Beaded Attached I-Cord
5. The worlds craziest edging that looks like candy? or bacon? or bacon candy?
6. Picking up sts knitwise and purlwise
7. More Beaded Attached I-Cord
8. Basic Eyelet Stitch
9. How wack-o my brain is!

I knit my Ducenti in Dragonfly Fibers Pixie.... they dyed custom colors for The M Club (when you are a member of the M Club you get the supplies you need for my 2 annual MKALS). I asked for a green that matched my eyes... and they did great! I have such fun working with yarn companies for my clubs (but I bet you already knew that)!
The construction (while crazy and indescribable while you all were knitting it) is actually surprisingly simple! Basically there are two strips with a connector worked in between them. This connector starts out narrow and gets wider as you join the two strips together
Wondering about the construction of Ducenti?
It is knit in 3 parts which I broke into 4 clues.
1. A long strip is worked with 2 attached beaded I-cords that have short row “eyes” in between them.
An edging is worked along cast on edge of this long strip.
A second long strip is made as above (without the edging).
The two strips are joined together by a lace mesh center connector. This connector starts out narrow and gets wider as the repeats are worked. If you want a shawl that isn’t asymmetrical all you have to do is work the same number of sts for the center connector.
What I ended up loving even more about this MKAL, was what people did to adapt the pattern once they realized what we were doing in Clue 4! Here's a few examples... so cool right? This construction clearly has possibilities!

Kelli from Colorado made a third strip and then mirror the lace connector on the other side turning Ducenti into a rectangle! She also added the attached beaded i-cord to each edge, which finishes it off beautifully!

Elena from Pennsylvania did this cool thing where she worked the an even number of lace connector sts, but she changed their direction in even sections....
Judy from Indiana did this cool move where she increased to the center point and then decreases back to the other side making her Ducenti a crescent shaped shawl.... what a simple and effective idea!
Donna from Ottawa made her connector the same width all the way across... another way to have a rectangular shaped Ducenti!

And Kikukat from Hawaii chose amazing colors!
An update went out for Ducenti today with the "clues" taken out so you can knit it without the clues.... I'm kinda sorta thinking about another one, cause we all need another project on our needles, right? I'm inspired... how about you????

(and congrats to sylverscale you are the winner from last week's Star of Butin release, get in touch with me to choose your kit!)


  1. What great modifications! People are so clever. I am kinda leaning toward the crescent shawl modification whenever I finally manage to get back to Ducenti.

  2. hi Laura
    This was my first MKAL, I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to do it or keep up but WOW was it fun and I learned so much and there is MY DUCENTI on your blog. There were so many knitters there to offer help and advice, great folks all.
    I am so excited to do another now.
    All the Ducentis and modifications are so beautiful, so exciting to see the finished ones popping up.
    Thanks so much

    Donna (Ottawa, Ont)

  3. oh PS...YOUR Ducenti is beautiful, that green is a perfect match to your eyes