A Stopover Mash-Up, Laura Style!

As we head into the last days of 2016 I've been working on clearing projects out of my baskets... this means no startitis for me, it is all finishing all.the.time this week!
I kept a promise I made on our trip to Iceland in September and re-created a sweater we saw while at
the Agricultural University of Iceland at Hvanneyri. We were taking a natural dyeing workshop with Guðrún Bjarnadóttir and visiting their excellent knitting shop when one of our group spotted and purchased this sweater!
I decided I needed to have my own! So, I used Mary Jane Mucklestone's modernized Lopi pullover,  Stopover, and exchanged the yoke to use the elongated stitch technique I explored in Knockout Knits. It's no secret I love playing with elongated stitches!

For yarn I combined Léttlopi for the body and Hespa's Jurtalitad Einband (lace-weight lopi) for the yoke... I didn't even have to change needle size, I was prepared to knit and rip a few times to get the yoke right, but there was no need!
I'd not knit Léttlopi at this loose a gauge before, and I absolutely adore the fabric, it is crazy light, and totally warm! I am a bit sensitive to the itch factor in Icelandic yarn and did two things to help mitigate it:
1. In the final blocking soak I used a very generous dollop of my hair conditioner  (this actually makes a difference)
2. I introduced short rows after joining the sleeves and body together. This dropped down the neckline in the front a bit so the front neckline is lower.
I did put some pretty extensive notes on my Ravelry project page.... but feel free to ask questions. You'll see that I was able to pretty much stick with Mary Jane's stitch counts for Stopover, which made the mash-up easier than I anticipated!
Anybody else clearing off their needles in anticipation of 2017? It has become a bit of an obsession for me this week!