Vindur Sweater for Yoga

Earlier this fall Karin from Periwinkle Sheep sent me a box of Merino Chunky in Crack in the Pavement that I drooled on at Rhinebeck... (note to self: spend more time drooling on yarn at fiber festivals)
I decided to cast on another Vindur for me (I know, that makes it 3)... because this yarn was made for it, but also because I wanted to make a longer Vindur without an asymmetrical hemline to make it more practical to wear with yoga pants. (The original Vindur is too short for this practical application.)

I easily convinced myself that I could use it as a teaching tool, to show you how simple it is to modify the construction of Vindur for your body!
Here's a little background on the construction of Vindur:
Vindur is a seamless asymmetrical sweater constructed in a simple but unusual way. First the right arm is worked from the cuff to the underarm and a short row sleeve cap is worked. Then stitches are provisionally cast on for the front and back. Then the shoulder is worked and the stitches are split for neckline shaping. The front and back are worked at the same time and rejoined to work the left shoulder. Then the front and back stitches are put on holders, and a short row sleeve cap is worked. Next, the left sleeve is worked to the wrist. Finally, the sweater is folded in half, and these two halves are joined together by a garter stitch side seam that is worked perpendicularly to them. These start at the hem and end at the cuff of the sleeve joining the front and the back of the sweater and sleeve together.

There are 3 major modifications on this Vindur:
1. I made it longer which is SO simple to do. After working the right sleeve I cast on 9 more sts for both the front and back. Since the gauge for Vindur is 3 sts/in, this made it 3 inches longer. 3*3=9 Keep in mind that if you make it longer you'll need a bit more yarn.
2. I took out the Asymmetrical Hemline.... another easy mod! I just didn't do the hemline decreases so it was worked straight across. Again keep in mind that if you take out the asymmetrical hemline you'll need more yarn.

3. The problem with making it longer is that I have hips, and if I worked the side panel as written it would be tight around my bum. So, I added in 4 more sts to the side panel and decreased those down at regular intervals to the armhole. Using a side panel that tapers gives a slightly a-line shape to the sweater.

p.s. also, I'm sure you noticed that all these photos are headless... I was on my way to yoga, so my hair was a mess, and I had no make-up on (and I might have had a giant zit on my forehead).... it's ok, though, as this post is about the sweater, not my face!

p.p.s. Some of you know that a DK weight version of Vindur called Gola will be published later this winter. All these mods will be easily applied to it as well!

p.p.p.s. Karin has Merino Chunky in a REALLY NICE pink on sale, so if you are looking for yarn for a Pink Hug, or Pussy Hats, I highly suggest you snatch some up!