Swatching for Lace Mash Up... this time in COLOR!

Happy New Year!

There is LOTS going on in 2018... and I think I'll start by getting a second Lace Mash Up onto my needles for the KAL in my Ravelry group!

This time I want to knit one in color and in a lighter weight "springier" yarn so I can have this shawl for my summer wardrobe! I ADORE the Shetland Heritage I used for the original Lace Mash Up, but it is a lofty wool yarn and not perfect for summer.

The one rule I had for this is that I work from stash... the last thing I need to do is buy more yarn : )!

I had a major lace weight stash dive last night, these are the contenders I came up with:
Lakshmi’s Dreams Silk Babycamel Lace I swatched the Silk Babycamel Lace already and I think it is too fine as it is 874/yds to 100grams
Lakshmi’s Dreams BFL Silk lace The BFL Silk Lace is pretty darn nice! It is 656 yds to 100 grams, still a bit lighter than the Shetland Heritage...
June Cashmere Lace The June Cashmere is a dream, but I’d need to buy 2 skeins, all I have is 1 skein of grey and I don’t want a grey shawl!
The Fibre Company Road to China Lace
 I did a WHOLE COLLECTION in Fibre Company Road to China Lace, and it would be awesome for this design, but I only have enough cream… so I would have to dye that!
Anzula Cloud
Anzula Cloud is a favorite, that is a great back-up and I have stash of that!

I have to admit I really want use one of the Lakshmi's Dreams skeins as Andrea came with me to Ireland in October and I adore her (and her yarn!). So clearly, that is what I cast on first.

Here's the Silk Babycamel Lace on US Size 3 needles:

 I like it, but I'm not sure the definition is working for me in this pattern... it's a bit too lightweight, and the speckles aren't quite what I'm looking for in this shawl. Andrea does have a Silk Babycamel Heavy Lace that would be perfect... but remember: I AM WORKING FROM STASH!

Here's the BFL Silk Lace on US Size 5 needles:

I'm just going to say I love it... the blocking is holding is beautifully, the hand is a dream and I know I will love this wrapped around my neck. Also, THE COLOR IS SO GOOD... blues with hints of greens, this will make me happy when I knit it! It is a bit loose though, so even though I love it tonight I am going to work up another swatch on US 4's. I'll post that here when it is done and dry...

The shawl will definitely come out a bit bigger if I work it on 5's which means I may have to cut back on some Nupps so I don't run out of yarn.... I guess I could always use beads instead!

UPDATEWhat a difference needle size makes! I'm sticking with the larger US size 5 needles as I want my next Lace Mash Up to have drape and lots of negative space between the stitches! I know this will use more yarn so I am going to skip the Nupps and use beads instead!

Just to give you a comparison here's the BFL Silk Lace on top of the Shetland Heritage.... it really shows how different the fabrics are!

So, what do you think? Am I on the right track? Are you casting on Lace Mash Up? What yarn did you settle on?


  1. Love the BLF Silk Lace! I am using the Shetland Heritage in optic white as I wanted this to go with anything! Hope to cast on this weekend. I knit very loose when it comes to lace and having to go down to at least a 3...Love all your patterns and hope to join your club again next year!

  2. I love that you are working from stash. I am trying to do that too, since I have some really lovely skeins that need to be made into something.

  3. I love how the BLF Silk Lace looks too. I swatched with a size 7, 8, and 9 and will block it tonight. I knit very tightly and I usually use a needle 2 sizes larger than called for to get gauge.

    1. Try with the 7's first and see what you think... the BFL Silk Lace is way lighter than the Shetland Heritage so the needle size you use will be different!

  4. I would not be at all surprised is you like it on the 4s better. I am doing mine on 6s, and since I always have to go up two sizes from what you recommend in your patterns, I’m thinking the 4s are going to work for you!

    1. I actually ended up liking the 5's better.... the fabric has such great drape!

  5. I'm confused. Is Lace mash up supposed to be kitted in a size 7?

    1. That is what was used for the Shetland Heritage, but I am trying out another yarn entirely that is behaving quite differently!

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