I knit myself a sweater... that turned into a dress!

I have this need to "clean" up languishing projects on my needles at the end of the year so I can start fresh! It may be my secret to actually getting things done! Read the story of my new tunic below...
It all started with a trip to Ireland last spring... we went to Studio Donegal, and I fell hard for this armful of Donegal Wool Spinning Company, a limited edition worsed weight yarn spun in Donegal by Studio Donegal.
Luckily I ran out of "work" knitting towards the end of my trip and was able to start it on my way home. I decided I wanted to try the Novus construction but with a new twist I thought of in a pub one night! (Them's  dangerous words right there...)

In a nutshell, my Novus construction is worked flat side to side and I wanted to try working part of it in the round. So, the top is knit flat, I just made the top part short (like a bolero) by casting on way less sts for the side seams, and then joined with side panels (as all of the other sweaters in this construction are). Then I just picked up all the way around it and worked down in the round!
Working in the round, meant I could play with color.... I did some slight a-line shaping to allow for my pear, but nothing too extreme, I wanted to the lines pretty straight.
I finished the top at some point early last summer and sat languishing in a basket until a month ago when I decided to finish it up! After all, if there is anytime I could use a knit dress, it is now! Wool Bum Warmer for the WIN! (Details on Ravelry)
Aaaannnd, I haven't decided if I am going to write this up or not. The yarn I used isn't easily available, but it is certainly a warm memory of my trip! maybe in fingering weight? With  some options for different lengths? What do you think? I'm all ears!