Knitting with Light: Three Lit-Up Patterns for Your Needles

Circle of light
Circle of Light at Night

Do you want to make one (or two) with me?
Let's knit Starry Light, Love and Light, AND the brand new Circle of Light together!

Starry Light, Love and Light, AND Circle of Light
Starry Light, Love and Light, AND Circle of Light

What are Knitted Lights?

Knitted LED lights create a warm and cozy ambiance that just cannot be beat. Knitted light adds the sweetest touch of winter magic to your home decor. These unique lights combine the art of knitting with the charm of traditional LED Christmas lights, resulting in a one-of-a-kind display. 

Ya know what else they are? Fantastic gifts!

These super unique projects are not only stunning but also gift the receiver with the satisfaction of a handmade project. The magic of knitting with light adds an extra layer of enchantment, making your gifts truly one-of-a-kind. And it truly doesn’t matter what time of year they are given. Sure, they may seem like a classic Christmas or Hanukkah present, but what about birthdays? Or graduations? Or Weddings? They’re perfect for lighting up any special day.

Materials needed for knitting lights

The supply list is specific, and to have success knitting with light you’ll need the supplies listed below.  Most of these items are readily available at your LYS or local hardware store, but that 66ft light strand can be tough to source (and it’s gotta be 66ft–you can not spit-splice fairy lights).




Note that LED Fairy Lights come in a variety of options: copper or silver wire, indoor or outdoor (or both), battery-operated or USB plug-in, and you can even get colored lights. Make sure you think about where you want to hang your star before you purchase your lights so you have the correct strands. I have a battery-operated one for outdoors that we use in the winter on a tree, and in the summer when we camp! But for indoor use, I love the USB plug-in lights.

Circle of Light at Sunset
Circle of Light at Sunset

Tips for knitting a string of lights

Knitting with light requires a few additional considerations compared to regular knitting projects. 

  • TEST your lights before you start knitting with them! This is important as sometimes they arrive broken.
  • You will likely need to rewind your lights as the plug end is typically first, you’ll want to cast on with the “free” end. I wind my lights around a can or spare spool.
  • Make sure to work on the body of the needles, not on the tip... i.e. when you work a stitch wrap the wire around the full circumference of the needle. If you work it on the tip of the needle, your stitches will be way too tight to work into. Wire is NOT elastic!
  • Gently pull your work downward at the end of each row, opening up the stitches. I find this helps me to see the shape forming and makes it easier to knit into the stitches on the following row.
  • Try to avoid kinking your wire... before starting a new row, I release a good length of wire from the coil and prep it by laying it out. This extra step avoids any twists and kinks!

This video includes excellent tips to get you going:

Knitted lights for holiday decorations

Here are a few ideas for incorporating knitted fairy lights into your home and holiday decor:

  • Display in your windows to delight your neighbors as they drive by.
  • Top your Christmas tree with your Starry Light, mixing it with traditional ornaments for a magical and festive look.
  • Hang on your walls throughout your home. I have a Love and Light hanging over our bed… it is the BEST night light!
  • Display your star or orb on your holiday table like a centerpiece.
  • Decorate your fireplace mantel with your knitted LED lights.
Starry Light at Night
Starry Light at Night

Be prepared to knit more than one of these beauties... everyone who sees it is going to covet it! Plus, Knitted Light is perfect on your deck or patio in the summer months, so you won’t want to pack these up after the holidays are over!

Happy Season of Light!



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