Janet Leigh

Janet Leigh is finally ready! I thought she would be a quickie, after all Janet Leigh is just Jamie Lee with raglan sleeves, right? On first glance, yes, but actually I decided that the purpose of Janet Leigh was to have a top that had more coverage and was a bit more mature, but still kept the coveted design details of Jamie Lee. (like the lace panels at the side, and mock t-neck) Therefor, Janet Leigh needed to be a bit longer for the body (1.5" per size to be exact) and the raglan sleeves needed to fit just right. I also wanted to make sure that this whole baby could still be worked in the round and be seamless...one of the many things I love about Jamie Lee.

How did Janet get her name you ask? Well, Jamie Lee was named after Jamie Lee Curtis, something to show off those buff shoulders and biceps... so a more mature Jamie, why not her mom, Janet Leigh! Pschyo anyone?

Thanks to Alison and Hadley for techediting, and Jenn for model knitting; y'all did a great job!!!


  1. Love those lacy side panels and the sleeves look just perfect. Great shot of the lake, too!

  2. That is so Janet Leigh!! You captured the '50s era and updated it really well.