A Promise of Things to Come

It is finally time to garden and I am quivering with joy....

Pictures do not do it justice right now! There is hardly any green, just brown and grey and more brown and a few green shoots, foreshadowing what my gardens will become. I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Lettuce, asian greens, broccoli raab, and radishes are coming up in the coldframe. I even planted peas today...

I'm still busy knitting away on things I can't tell you about BUT I can share a pic of a pattern I am just about to release.
Please let me know what you think, I love this little dittie (see note below).

Note: I just found out that dittie means "thong liner", so really, I meant to say ditty, a little song!


  1. The dittie is perfect for spring! I love the mix of colors in your photo!

  2. Look at that pretty shrug!

    I know what you mean about not having things to share with your blog readers. I had to think of things I hadn't yet blogged about for last week's post due to all the busy editing/knitting super awesome goodness! Man, we work hard. Aren't we lucky?

  3. I love that little ditty! Such a great photo... as if she's searching for spring. I know, all to well, how stunning those gardens are going to be! Can't wait to see it all.