Well, I have to say this latest pattern sounds more bad *&^$ than it is! Maybe I should have saved the name for something with a little more edge; Tower of Flames is actually pretty worsted weight lace number. I kept hearing from both Schaefer knitters and stores that they needed more patterns for one skein of Laurel. I love lace in Laurel as the hand is so soft, and the drape so smooth, it's a worsted yarn that works in lace! The bottom of the scarf starts with a flame lace motif that cajoles the edges of the scarf into sweet little curves, the body of the scarf is done in a super simple, easy to memorize tower lace pattern. So, basically, once you make it through the bottom section you are home free! As with all my patterns the lace stitch is both written out and supplied in an easy to read chart. This was one of my first times working with one lace pattern and then finessing it into another, I do believe I am addicted. Expect to see more like this. I want to knit this baby up in Miss Priss for the fall, I think that on a little bit bigger needle it will be really nice. (The wool in Miss Priss needs more space to bloom!)

I want to send out a major thankyou to Hadley for helping me figure out the most appropriate cast on technique to keep the bottom edge firm but flexible. There was some MAJOR swatching for the bottom of this bad boy (maybe that is the origin of the name, that it almost went up in flames????). And finally to a second thankyou to Roy, my new photographer friend, who I just "happened" to run into at a party with the scarf, my favorite shirt, and makeup in tow. Roy had a super nice camera with him and was more than willing to take some pics of it during that magic twilight hour. Like the prop in my left hand? I said I was at a party..... I asked Roy to not include any face shots, but he couldn't resist. When I thought we were doing close-ups look at what he did, the rat.
I have to say, the boy has talent.

I leave you with a few shots of my glorious garden, it's amazing what a little color will do for you after a long winter!


  1. You look super cute! I'm so jealous of all your tulips....

  2. Can wee get this guy to take pictures of all of us, the scarf looks great on you.

  3. I love your "bad boy" scarf! You look awfully gooood in it, too!

  4. Great shot, Laura! The scarf is delicious!