A New Obsession!

I'm a firm believer in trying new things and this weekend was partially devoted to my new favorite form of exercise: Mountain Biking!

I live close to one of the more beautiful network of mountain biking trails in the country:
Shindagin Hollow. I need you to know that I am not a "toughie", I don't like to bleed, I'm not in love with bugs, and I like my bones unshattered. There are things about mountain biking, though, that work for me: it's deep in the woods, there are wildflowers everywhere, we ride in a group with some highly amusing people, and my dog gets the kind of exercise she craves. It all works because I have absolutely NO testosterone, meaning, I go slow, I'm careful, I keep control of my bike at all times (mostly) and I don't fall down. The crew I ride with is fast, they are tough, they barrel through the trails and I meander after them, by the time I meet up with them they have had a chance to catch their breathe and get ready for the next leg. It's really perfect! I even have no guilt about walking my bike up the BIG hills, it's still exercise, no matter how I look at it.

Btw, the pic above is a TOTAL fake, I SO had help getting up (and down!):

Notice I am wearing my FAVORITE Ravelry t-shirt.

The best part is that the trails are a good 40 minute drive from our house (and Max drove) so I got to finish these for my girl:

Pattern: My "Plain Vanilla" Toe-up Sock based on Nicholetta (I made them a bit big as the girl won't stop growing!)
Yarn: Schaefer Yarn's Nichole, in Bugs

All of my other knitting has been for secret projects, books, magazines, and other goodies. I'll be able to share more soon, I promise.


  1. What pretty blue socks to put on those growing feet! I love your mock "tough" mountain biker chick shot! I did a major double take. I love how you get out there with a bunch of serious bikers, but you still do it at your own speed... in your own way.

  2. You are a bad a**, much braver than me.

    I love the color of those socks!

  3. Hey Laura!
    Thanks for bringing back some fond memories. I miss mountain biking so much!!!! No hills in Florida, which is such a major downer for me!

    BTW-- I do have a little "extra" testosterone...'cause I loved going fast, and the more cuts on my legs the better!!