Learning = Brickhouse Giveaway!

I learned something new this week, a super important skill:
How to embed youtube videos into my blog posts!
(Btw, it is easy!!!!)

To celebrate I am giving away 2 skeins of Schaefer Yarn's Heather and the pattern to make my latest design Brickhouse! Leave a comment and share one of your favorite songs with me (I would love a link but it seems that comments won't post with links.... sorry!) before Tuesday October 6th. I'll use a random number generator and announce the lucky winner!


Workshop with Brandon Mably

An amazing opportunity came to Ithaca this week, in celebration of the Bloomsbury Group exhibit at the Johnson Art Museum at Cornell, Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably came to lecture and teach. Schaefer Yarn dyed a series of 6 colors for the Bloomsbury Group exhibit and I showed those along with the event.

Last night I went and listened to Kaffe give a presentation of his work, and today I took an all day workshop with Brandon. We had to bring 20 ass't colors of yarn... I packed WAY more than that the night before, but no where on the info did it say they should be solids... I ended up with TONS of my hand-dye leftovers from Schaefer and not many of "okay" choices; needless to say, I ended up borrowing ALOT of yarn. The workshop was a great stretch for my creative self as I am so used to my yarn doing color changes for me...

Look at what everyone created, aren't they all individually beautiful and hanging together, gorgeous?

Here's mine:
Btw, the new Schaefer colors will start shipping to stores next week, they are really nice, particularly Lytton Strachey... you will probably see it in a design of mine one day soon!


This, That and the Other Thing!

So MUCH to tell you... so little time, (what a cliche!)

1. There's a new book that just hit the stores that has not one, but two of my designs that I was secretive about last fall. Conceived and edited by my friend Kara Gott Warner of I Gott Knits for DRG this new title is a real hit!

It's in the Bag: Knitting Projects to Take and Make is such a great concept... I am totally a knitter who has home and away projects and always get ready for trips by getting my knitting ready first. There will be a blog tour for this book soon, but for now I wanted to quickly share my designs with you!

Schaefer Yarn's Andrea, colorways Margaret Meade and Greenjeans.
All you need to make these babies is less than 40 yards of laceweight yarn and needles the size of toothpicks!

Schaefer Yarn's Lola, colorway Sophia Smith, size 2T

p.s. Both of these patterns will be available for release through Nelkin Designs in January.

2. I am now a twitterer, come follow me @LNelkin, I'll follow you, it will be fun, and we'll get to know what we both like to eat for dinner!

3. I have a pattern almost ready for release, I have to share this one "sneak peek" pic with you... I almost used it in the pattern until I realized that the waterfall was perfectly placed to make my model look like she drools ALOT!


Happily Hookin' Away....

I've been slowly teaching myself crochet, not because I want to become a crochet designer too, or that my life's goal is to be a happy hooker, but I've felt that it's a skill I can be applying to some of my designs when it's time to "finish" them off.
I saw this great cuff pattern on my new friend Mercedes blog, and decided that if I made a bunch of them over the weekend I might have worked up some muscle memory by the end of the exercise. IT WORKED!!!!, and I have a few great gifts... Miss B already claimed the green one, or was it the red one? She can't decide.
I tell my students about muscle memory all the time; they might be working a new technique and feel like they are all thumbs, I remind them that they are teaching their muscles a new way of doing something and that the more they practice and repeat the more their muscles will gain memory for this new crazy motion I am asking of them. It works... I swear!

Speaking of teaching, I'll be at Woolwinders in October for a class on Migrations and a special Schaefer Yarn petting zoo... my class is already sold out, but there are a few spots left in the zoo, join us! I also have a few classes coming up this Fall at my LYS, Knitting Etc, Ithaca is gorgeous at this time of year, so you may want to take a trip up!



Inspired by this:I had to do this:

I've always wanted a blue door and now I've got one... mind you the blue I started with was WAY TOO like the caribbean on acid, so I toned it down a bit with some paint samples from the basement (I do this way more often than you'd think) and it's more like what I had envisioned. There is something romantic, funky, and mysterious about blue doors, perhaps someday I will open it and it will lead to somewhere more exotic than my deck!

Stay tuned for more next week, I've got crochet learning in progress, a new pattern almost ready for release, and a raffle/giveaway that promises to be quite the treat!


I went to the State Fair?

Yup I did, and there were:

Fancy Blue Chickens

Wee baby chicks

4-H Blue ribbon winning jewelry! (...by Miss B)

Nicholetta in the Wild!

PORK Sammies (Dinosaur BBQ)

And Sha-Na-Na, performing Eensy Weensy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini!!!!!