This, That and the Other Thing!

So MUCH to tell you... so little time, (what a cliche!)

1. There's a new book that just hit the stores that has not one, but two of my designs that I was secretive about last fall. Conceived and edited by my friend Kara Gott Warner of I Gott Knits for DRG this new title is a real hit!

It's in the Bag: Knitting Projects to Take and Make is such a great concept... I am totally a knitter who has home and away projects and always get ready for trips by getting my knitting ready first. There will be a blog tour for this book soon, but for now I wanted to quickly share my designs with you!

Schaefer Yarn's Andrea, colorways Margaret Meade and Greenjeans.
All you need to make these babies is less than 40 yards of laceweight yarn and needles the size of toothpicks!

Schaefer Yarn's Lola, colorway Sophia Smith, size 2T

p.s. Both of these patterns will be available for release through Nelkin Designs in January.

2. I am now a twitterer, come follow me @LNelkin, I'll follow you, it will be fun, and we'll get to know what we both like to eat for dinner!

3. I have a pattern almost ready for release, I have to share this one "sneak peek" pic with you... I almost used it in the pattern until I realized that the waterfall was perfectly placed to make my model look like she drools ALOT!


  1. Congratulations on the book! I look forward to seeing it in the store.

    Love the new hat design.

  2. congrats on the book! I have it on my wish list now for Christmas

  3. Congrats on the published patterns. I love the cuffs.